The Most Expensive Furniture in the World

The Most Expensive Furniture in the World

Ready to redecorate your home? Fortunately, you have an incredible number of choices when it comes to furniture. Whether you pick up ready-to-assemble pieces at the big box store, buy secondhand at a resale shop, or pick up a fine handcrafted live-edge wood table from a craftsperson, you’re sure to find the right piece for your tastes and home. Unfortunately, some pieces are out of reach for everyone, even the merely wealthy. Here’s a quick survey of the most expensive furniture in the world.

The Badminton Cabinet

Built in the 1700s on the orders of then-19-year-old Henry Somerset, Third Duke of Beaufort, the Badminton Cabinet is a noticeably big, well, cabinet of drawers. Made of ebony and inset with multiple semiprecious stones, the cabinet also features statues, coats of arms, and a clock on top. Construction took over six years to accomplish, and 30 expert craftsmen were hired to design and decorate the piece. The duke’s heirs sold the piece in 2004, when it was auctioned off for more than 19 million pounds. As of this writing, it remains the most expensive piece of furniture in the world.

The Harrington Commode

Despite its name, the Harrington Commode is not what you think it is. The term commode not only referred to containers that hid chamber pots (early toilets) but also referred to small and beautifully decorated cabinets with drawers used by the wealthy to store personal items. The Harrington Commode is believed to have been designed and built by famed English cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale and was auctioned for more than $5 million.

“Dragons” Armchair

Architect and designer Eileen Gray was an amazing person. An early proponent and practitioner of architecture’s modern movement, she designed buildings, decorated interiors, and created and built furniture, sometimes by her own hand. The “Dragons” armchair features two curving dragons for the backing and armrests and cushy leather seat. The last time the chair went up for auction, it sold for $34 million.

The Lockheed Lounge

The last item on our list of the most expensive furniture in the world is the Lockheed Lounge, created by Australian designer Marc Newson. A sleek and alien-looking bit of furniture, the lounge is the youngest piece here, having been made in 1990. Only 10 were ever made, with one turning up in a Madonna video. Made from fiberglass, sheets of welded aluminum, and rubber, it may not look like the best place for a nap, but one went for $3.7 million dollars at an auction. Madonna bought one of her own later.

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