The Different Types of Power Distribution Units

The Different Types of Power Distribution Units

Power distribution units or “PDUs” are devices that data centers and other industrial and commercial businesses commonly use. These devices supply power to multiple outlets, allowing for easy access to electricity for machines, other devices, and more. Learn more about the different types of power distribution units and which is right for your business.

Mounted PDUs

When it comes to installing and mounting PDUs, there are several mounts from which to choose. Rackmount PDUs can attach directly to your equipment racks to provide convenient power access. Cabinet PDUs are the next step up, providing power to multiple equipment racks with individual circuit breakers. You can also select floor mounted PDUs to provide a main power source for your facility. Which distribution type you choose will depend on your applications and the layout of your data center.

Portable PDUs

Portable PDUs offer even more flexibility than multiple types of mounted devices. These devices are nonmounted and portable, which means you can situate them wherever you need power. Consumers often use this type of PDU for their homes and offices. If you’re looking for a secure way to power up to eight devices, you may want to consider a portable PDU for your own home or business. However, a surge-protected power strip may be all that most home and business owners need. When considering PDUs versus power strips, know that PDUs tend to be better in an industrial setting and power strips are sufficient for residential uses.

Basic vs. Intelligent PDUs

You can also categorize power distribution units by basic versus intelligent units. Basic PDUs provide power distribution and distribute currents to multiple electrical outlets. On the other hand, intelligent units provide power distribution as well as remote power monitoring, environmental monitoring, and they display other types of electrical data. Power centers make use of intelligent PDUs to help promote more efficient workflows and gather more accurate data.

Now that you know some of the benefits and applications of the different types of power distribution units, you can better understand which type is best for your business’s applications.

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