The Different Types of Car Modifications

The Different Types of Car Modifications

The different types of car modifications can take an already luxurious car and make it even more sophisticated or sporty. Suspension changes, aerodynamics, and paint jobs are three of the most popular modifications.


A suspension system is an excellent upgrade for a smoother ride. The right suspension system will improve your car’s performance, and when done right, you will feel the difference in how it handles.

A well-done upgraded suspension system can sometimes be tailored exactly to the way you drive for an even more enjoyable commute or road trip.


Better aerodynamics benefit more than greater speeds.

Adding modifications such as side skirts will not only increase downforce by adjusting the airflow, but they also protect the sides of the car from dings and scratches by unexpected rocks and debris flying out from under the car.

Other modifications like bumper lips and spoilers offer the same aerodynamic effect. An extra bonus of these types of upgrades is improved gas mileage, thanks to aerodynamics.

Tinted Windows

Possibly the most popular of modifications, tinted windows help block the sun’s rays and truly just look cool.

However, tinted windows are not legal in every state and some states have specific limits on them.

Paint Job

Nothing can create a new car feel quite like a fresh paint job. A paint job by a professional who knows what they are doing, will turn your supercar into the car of your dreams.

Take your time when choosing a color, since painting your car it isn’t something you want to go through every year.

The different types of car modifications must be approved by your car insurance company, and your rates may go up because of the changes.

Also, be sure to understand any laws in your area about car modifications before deciding.

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