The Different Rose Color Meanings Explained

different rose colors

Did you know that we call the language of flowers floriography? What’s more, rose color meanings go back millions of years. For example, did you know experts trace the first discovery of the pink rose to fossils from 40 million years ago?

Still, the meaning of roses can vary widely depending on their type, color, and number

If you’re interested in rose color meanings, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to learn more. 

Types of Roses

The first roses were the Old Garden or what we call Species or wild roses from before 1867.  More modern varieties of roses are usually descendants or products of these two types. 

There are many types of roses available now, so how do you choose? Here are a few of the common types.

Hybrid Tea Rose and Grandiflora

These two are generally the most well-known rose types. The Hybrid Tea Rose has a long stem with a large bloom at the top. Local florists’ shops sell them in large quantities, and they come in a wide variety of colors, except for black and blue. 

Grandiflora roses are a product of hybrid tea roses and floribunda. Some of these have a single bloom or flare stems, while others have cluster blooms.

Polyantha and Floribunda

At one time, Floribundas were known as Hybrid Polyanthas. Then in the 1940s, the approval of the name Floribundas came. This type of rose comes in short bushes that burst into vibrant colors in clusters of blooms. Still, some of them bloom individually, which is like the Hybrid Tea Rose. 

The Polyantha rose bushes are smaller but strong and hardy. They bloom in clusters and are a favorite to use as edging or as hedges. 

What Do the Colors of Roses Mean?

Every rose color has a meaning. Whether you are sending a dozen to a friend or a lover, knowing what each represents is essential. 

White Roses

These are the roses seen at weddings in the bridal bouquet and funerals. White roses have many meanings, such as innocence, grace, purity, and humility. They have also come to symbolize new beginnings and new love. 

Pink Roses

When buying roses for a friend, pink is an excellent choice. This color expresses admiration of someone’s refinement, femininity, and elegance. Still, some say more is conveyed in the shade of the rose. For example, darker shades show appreciation, while pale shades show joy, admiration, and gentleness. 

Lavender Roses

When you see someone who infatuates and enchants you, lavender is the rose to say it. Lavender roses also convey meanings of love at first sight and desire. 

Red Roses

Red roses are traditional symbols of love, romance, beauty, and more. The red rose is a precious choice for your unconscious beauty on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, and when you’re going to propose. 

Rose Color Meanings for Everyone

If you’re trying to express yourself with roses, there are plenty to choose from for this purpose. Rose color meanings have been around for centuries, and what better way to begin a new life or say farewell. 

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