The Different Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Different Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry receives a lot of pushback with the fight for more renewable options on the horizon. And while many people march onward in hopes of a sustainable future, the oil and gas demand remains at an all-time high. If you’re considering a career in the field, look into a few different reliable positions the industry offers.

Pipeline Technicians

A pipeline technician will remain an in-demand career as long as the industry continues providing oil and gas worldwide. This individual is responsible for ensuring the operational success of a facility, including the electrical, technical, and mechanical functions. A pipeline technician may also be asked to tend to the needs of a storage facility or pump station.

Rig Operators

As a rig operator, you are responsible for tending to the construction needs of an oil rig. You may also be asked to operate the heavy machinery associated with the structure.

Equipment such as cranes, tractors, excavators, and compressors play vital roles on site to move large portions of ground, concrete, or steel. If you have experience with this type of equipment, you can take on a career in the oil and gas industry, too.

Equipment Operations Manager

An equipment operations manager is a lucrative career path, emphasizing management and the operation of the field’s equipment needs. You must obtain the proper knowledge and adhere to local or company ordinances regarding mechanical operations to ensure all equipment abides by the safety guidelines and standards.

Roustabout Roles

A roustabout position is an exciting career path because you act as the primary support person for the oil rig. On any given day, you may be asked to perform several tasks and duties pertaining to the rig.

Your job description may change on a daily basis, from offloading cargo and personnel supplies to cutting boxes full of tools or food. The roustabout individual has a hand in how well the job goes and oversees things to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Well-Site Management Positions

In the well-site management position, an individual will lead a team of well technicians on a job site. This individual is responsible for ensuring the safety of every team member and overseeing the efficiency of the job. This position ensures the job site has all the necessary well completion tools and that the team performs the tasks in compliance with standard practices or relevant legislation.

Undergoing a career change in a tough economic climate is usually not on everyone’s mind. But with enough information about the available positions, you can begin a new career in a lucrative industry.

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