The Difference Between a Digital and Acoustic Piano

The Difference Between a Digital and Acoustic Piano

If you have heard both a digital and acoustic piano, you know they sound quite distinct. It is amazing to think that one instrument can produce such different sounds. It can be confusing when you want to learn how to play the piano but don’t know the difference between a digital and acoustic. Keep reading for more information.

Big Decision

Perhaps you want to learn how to play the piano on your own and don’t know whether to start on a digital or acoustic. Or, you might want to enroll your child in lessons. You could simply want to purchase a new piano but haven’t made a definitive choice yet. No matter your reason, this article will aid you in forming a more educated decision. Here are the differences between a digital and acoustic piano.


A digital piano has a range of benefits. If you have ever played on a digital keyboard, you might remember synthetic-sounding notes with keys that required only a light touch. However, the technology for digital pianos has evolved.

You will now find many digital keyboards have weighted keys that mimic the look and feel of an acoustic piano without the drawbacks. In fact, some digital pianos allow you to adjust the touch sensitivity of the keys. Moreover, digital keyboards no longer sound as synthetic as their forerunners because the audio playback quality has increased significantly. Finally, all digital keyboards will likely have a headphone jack so you can practice at any time without disturbing others.


Acoustic pianos are much less portable than digital ones, and they generally take up more space. As such, once you have your acoustic where you want it, it will likely stay there until you hire movers to assist you. You will also have to consider the space you have available and if it can accommodate an acoustic.

However, with an acoustic, you also get the real thing—authentic sounds, not recordings, and the real heaviness of the keys. If you are a consistent piano player or are progressing in your studies and want to get serious, an acoustic piano may be your next step.

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