The 4 Different Types of Orthopedic Shoes

The 4 Different Types of Orthopedic Shoes

Your feet endure more strain and pressure from the weight of the day than you may think. When you get home, your feet ache, and you can’t fathom standing all day again tomorrow. If you have a condition that causes pain when walking or standing for long periods, the root of the issue could be the types of shoes you’re wearing.

Luckily, orthopedic shoes may be the solution to some of your problems. The design of orthopedic footwear is to fit and support any foot abnormality.

There are many benefits of wearing orthopedic shoes, such as reducing pressure and allowing you to feel more stable on your feet. If you’re considering purchasing a new pair of shoes, then consider this list of the different types of orthopedic shoes. These shoes will make your days and feet feel better.

Wide-Width Shoes

Everyday shoes designed for the average foot aren’t ideal for those with wide feet. When individuals with wider feet wear narrow shoes, it causes a lot of pressure on their feet. It can also cause pain and instability when walking or standing. Wide-width shoes can help increase blood circulation and give your feet the space they need to allow you to walk comfortably.

Shoes for Fallen Arches

One of the most common issues people experiences is having flat arches or flat feet. This condition makes walking from heel to toe difficult since you don’t have an arch, causing pain. This places an immense amount of pressure on the toes and can cause pain in the knees and ankles.

On some occasions, wide-width shoes can decrease the pressure placed on the toes. The best option is finding orthopedic shoes for those with fallen arches to increase stability and reduce the discomfort caused by having flat arches.

Padded Tongues

Finding an orthopedic shoe with a padded tongue helps individuals who frequently have callouses and blisters. The extra cushion support reduces pressure on the tops and sides of the feet.

Removable Footpads

If your feet are prone to swelling, removable footpads are a great orthopedic shoe option. If you’re on your feet all day long, you may have experienced foot swelling before. Luckily, you can purchase larger and smaller footpads so that you can change out the pads easily. This accommodation helps to reduce the pain you feel when walking and increase mobility.

The different types of orthopedic shoes are here to help you, whatever your needs may be. Once you find the right shoe for you, your problems will gradually disappear and make your mobile lifestyle more enjoyable again!

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