Tech Updates for School Cafeterias That Save Money

Tech Updates for School Cafeterias That Save Money

It’s hard enough feeding one family’s kids—what do you do when you’re in charge of feeding several hundred? Most modern schools hire contractors to provide food and preparation strategies so that lunchtime goes smoothly, but the cafeteria remains an expensive part of school operations. Thankfully, there are technology upgrades than can help school cafeterias save money.

Switching From Electric to Gas

There are many reasons why gas is a cheaper fuel source in the school kitchen than electricity. For one thing, many electric appliances need their own wiring and even circuit breakers (think water heater boosters). These appliances both cost more to install and have a higher chance of wearing down over time. Gas appliances are often smaller and contribute to a more flexible kitchen design.

Another benefit of choosing gas is that utility companies sometimes offer rebates to organizations that refrain from using lots of electricity during peak hours. With gas appliances doing the heavy lifting, your school can enjoy some extra cash.

Order Management Software

Ever since the pandemic, it’s become more common to see self-service kiosks popping up in popular restaurants. Not only are these devices easy and fast to use, but they help management track popular menu items and customer spending habits in real time. You can use these same practices in the school cafeteria to prevent over-preparing, which leads to waste.

Additionally, some developers provide ways for parents to preselect their child’s lunch, ensuring they make healthy choices and don’t overeat.

Energy Efficiency

Technology upgrades don’t have to be fancy to save schools money in the cafeteria. To prevent wasting money, schools can install occupancy sensors that turn the lights off when no one is in the room. Additionally, switching to LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs can save schools even more money since LEDs last longer and don’t waste as much energy.

Regardless of which money-saving options you choose, it’s important to remember that the best options help both students and the school. Money that you save in the cafeteria can fund other important projects, making sure students have the best educational experiences possible.

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