Teaching Your Son How to Shave: A Few Tips to Make Things Easier

teach son how to shave

There is no universal answer to the famous question that almost every father has heard at some point or the other: at what age should I start shaving? The thing is, there is no definite way to tell when a child will inevitably start sprouting facial hair.

All the same, you will have to be the one to answer that question and teach him how to shave when it does become necessary. In fact, it may not be a bad idea to start teaching him to shave soon after your son reaches 10 or 11 years of age, even if he does not have any significant facial hair yet. Either way, we have some useful tips that will make the process easy and fun for both of you.

Order a Personalised Razor Gift Set

Order a personalised razor gift set to mark the occasion and make it special. The first shaving kit for teenager boys should also contain the best razor for a teenage boy in terms of safety and quality. It should at least come with a high-quality razor handle, a few razor blades/cartridges, and a shaving gel that’s fit for boys. If the personalised razor gift set is being marketed as the first shaving kit for teenage boys, then the kit should also have some easy-to-follow instructions included.

Set a Date for the First Shaving Session Together

It can be a regular ritual between the two of you later, but as far as teaching them how to shave is concerned, it should only take a single session or two at most. The first session will always be special in your child’s mind though, so mark the date and time beforehand.

Help Him Learn on His Own

Since we live in a time and age when shaving does not involve breaking, sizing, and entering actual razor blades into a straight razor, there is very little danger involved in the process. Nevertheless, small cuts can be expected initially even if he is using safety razors. Just be careful to sterilise the razors in an antiseptic solution first.

Let him handle as much of the assembly process as he can but do instruct him on how to proceed. Then teach him how to lather up the face and use the shaving mirror by doing so yourself. If he is having too much trouble with shaving any one part of their face, help them out on the first session.

Let your son know that it’s all about learning the contours of his own face so he must do it slowly. It will help him learn both how to shave, as well as keeping his skin form becoming too irritated. Let him know that it is okay to develop mild skin rashes after a shave or if he complains about feeling itchy or irritated skin.

An aftershave should be included in a first shaving kit for teenage boys, which should be ideal for children’s skin. It’s best not to use your own aftershave or it may burn too much.

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