Teachers Biggest Fears at the Start of the School Year

Teachers Biggest Fears at the Start of the School Year

The school year is in full swing. Some people are excited about in-person learning, while others would’ve liked to keep things remote. Either way, kids are fresh off the summer and eager to learn. What about the teachers, though? With the current atmosphere as heated as it is, some teachers have doubts about returning to the classroom. Here are some of teachers’ biggest fears at the start of the school year that should be addressed.

Masks and Vaccinations

COVID-19 changed the way the world operates. For example, in most states, it’s required to wear a face mask when entering a public building. However, not everyone is gung-ho about the mandate. Those in opposition say that forcing them to wear a mask violates their first amendment rights. People are making the same arguments regarding vaccinations. For this reason, educators are anxious about having a breakout of COVID-19 cases at their schools. The best way to combat this fear is to encourage social distancing and hand washing. Teachers should also recommend wearing a mask in the classroom.


2020 was a year of very few school shootings because people were rarely in buildings. Now that kids are back in the classrooms, teachers have every right to be worried about school violence. Luckily, educators can employ certain strategies to keep schools free from violence. Adults can watch out for warning signs and reach out to at-risk youth. Finally, teachers should try their best to make their classrooms an inviting and welcoming space for all students.

Class Sizes

Unfortunately, many teachers were laid off during the pandemic because funds simply weren’t available. These layoffs have created a problem in this post-pandemic world. For example, schools are running low on teachers. As a result of this, class sizes have become much larger than they have been in the past. Educators are worried that when classes are too large, they won’t be able to give the necessary attention to the students.

These examples of teachers’ biggest fears at the start of the school year need to be further examined by other school officials. These fears are warranted, and educators have the right to know how the problems are being resolved. The best way for a school district to be successful is to ensure every person works together to address educators’ and students’ needs.

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