Subtle and Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home

Subtle and Easy Ways To Refresh Your Home

Is your home’s appearance growing stale? Freshen it up with a few additions and subtractions! You don’t have to go broke redecorating. Sometimes all you need is a slight change to breathe new life into a place. To help you get started, here are several subtle and easy ways to refresh your home.

Clean, Declutter, and Reorganize

The simplest way to give a room a new look is to take away the old. A straight-up cleaning will do wonders but go above and beyond and truly clean the furniture, the walls, the windows, and everything else. Now decide what to eliminate. Some pieces might have worked at one time but now seem out of place. Toss, sell, or donate them. Get rid of anything that hasn’t served any useful purpose in a very long time. Clear the walls of excess decoration. When you’re done, that may either be all you need to do or the first step toward envisioning a new space. Move the furniture around, too. It costs nothing and can help create better flow and visual appeal.

Add Excitement To Your Walls

After you declutter and clean, note the walls and ceilings. Do they need a little touching up or a full-blown repainting? If a new paint job isn’t in the budget, you can make do with painting a single wall in an alternate color. Referred to as an accent wall, it can draw the eye and add visual excitement to any room. Don’t feel like you need to stick to a single solid color, either. Alternating stripes, half-and-half combinations, and other patterns are a fun way to break up the room’s monotony. If you know someone who’s artistically inclined, consider a mural or design on your accent wall instead.

A New Accent

Once you’ve decluttered and reorganized, you may discover your space appears unnecessarily empty and needs a little something extra. Smaller accent furniture can go a long way toward bringing beauty and utility to a room. Entryways always look better with a table that can hold a lamp and decorations, as well as a spot to leave your keys, wallet, and anything else you might need while leaving or arriving home. End tables are lovely and functional accompaniments to your couch or easy chair. And don’t forget the storage and other possibilities of a new coffee table.

Check the Lighting

One of the last subtle and easy ways to refresh your home is to review the lighting in the room you want to update. Is there a single overhead fixture casting a harsh light? Add a dimmer switch or change the bulbs to help cast a gentler glow. Add a floor lamp or two in opposite corners to cast circles of light where you need it most, like a special reading space or a place to write letters. Table lamps with colored shades can also go a long way toward create a fresh mood in your room. Go with the glow that feels right for you!

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