Social Media Aggregator – A Detailed Guide for 2021

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You guessed it right!

As the name suggests, social media aggregator is a special tool for the collection of  relatable content from numerous social media channels to a single unified place through various hashtags, mentions and tags. It is also fabricated with the property of curation to provide visitors with the quality content and keep them away from any sort of bewilderment.

Social media feeds are generally considered as authenticated as they are uploaded willingly by the users to spread information about anything, and are not influenced in any ways.

Displaying social media feeds on your website can showcase the transparency of your business and can make it reliable for the customers.

Do you ever think, what made social media aggregator so popular?

The entire credit goes to social media platforms that have been able to allure such a huge crowd through their fascinating characteristics. 

Social media platforms have become an unavoidable part of everyone’s life, be it young or old. This popularity of social media platforms has transformed them into a substantial site for market and business activities.

What are social media aggregators?

Social media aggregators are tools that help in collecting user-generated content or social media feeds from a diverse range of channels and curate them in a unified platform that make curation simplified. These aggregators collect relevant social media feeds from a profuse amount of content available on social media channels, allowing marketers to filter out most relatable content for effective marketing strategies.  

A single social media platform is incompetent to suffice the desires of business enterprises, so they hover around distinct social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, twitter and many more. 

Existence of so many social media platforms make it difficult for the marketers to keep up with each one of them. Collection of data from so many platforms is nearly impossible for the marketers due to lack of time. 

social media platform. Social media aggregators provide you the helping hands with all the valuable feeds for you at a single place. This accumulated data is then curated before displaying them on your website.

Why are social media aggregators important for your business?

Marketing being a tedious job, marketers don’t get much time to search for the valuable and relevant content to post on their website, the task gets even tougher when they require authentic content.

If you consider yourself as a marketer, you know the value of authentic content for your business.

So what will you do to create new content for your website?

At this point, social media aggregators help you in coming out of this fuss very conveniently. Social media aggregation tools assist in collecting, curating and representing the curated content on your website. Resultant this will help to boost visitors on website, engagement and conversion.

What do you require in an aggregator tool?

As discussed above, social media aggregators have a major contribution in boosting your business on the online platform, so choosing the right aggregator is of utmost importance. 

Amongst numerous aggregators available like facebook aggregators, instagram aggregators, twitter aggregators, etc. choosing the perfect one for your business can be done by keeping a few points in your mind.

  1. Reliability

It is one of the most important characteristics that must exist in a social media post aggregator you choose.  Aggregators collect content from one platform and embed it on the other platform, this job requires a good connection to be accomplished. Thus, a reliable social media aggregator proves to be the best aggregation tool.

  1. Content management

Since your social media feed aggregator is collecting content from various social media feeds, this content must be managed and presented in  an attractive way to gain attention of your audience and visitors.

A good social media aggregator can pull this off by customising the feeds according to the requirement of your webpage.

  1. Analytics

The best social media aggregator for your business should be able to analyze the visitors’ engagement  and overall performance of your website for further improvements.

  1. Moderation ability

This ability of a social media content aggregator helps you in confirming the content before it is displayed on your website to make only valuable content reach your audience.

List of social media aggregator tools for your business

Display of social media feeds on your website is a brilliant method to bring your brand under the public eye. Social media aggregators help you to embed these pertinent social media feeds on your website in a smooth manner.

  1. Tagembed

Tagembed comes as the best & free social media aggregator tool for aggregating social media feeds on your website for free. It has got breathtaking features to make your website look glamorous and interesting. 

It is a powerful tool to gather, curate and showcase social media feeds on your website.

  1. Netvibes

Netvibes has an amazing feature of tagging so as  to keep the record of the source of each social media feed. This tools helps you in personalizing your dashboard according to your requirement, and place widgets wherever you want

  1. Twinesocial

Twinesocial is a social media aggregation tool that supports custom CSS integration and works with facebook, twitter, instagram and various other social media platforms. It collects data from all over the network and moderate it before embedding it on your website.


Social media aggregators play a very important role in your business by taking care of major digital marketing tasks. They make your website eye-catching by making it more attractive and intriguing.

Therefore, you can select the best social media aggregator tools for your business and become the game changer of the marketing field.

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