Smallest Country Molossia

Republic Of Molossia

One of the oldest micronations, the republic of Molossia It is located in Dayton, Nevada. It is inhabited by only four citizens, one of whom, Kevin Baugh is the president. It was founded in May 1977 by Baugh when he was aged fourteen and was formerly known as the republic of Vuldnstein. It has its own space program, has a railway and issues currency (valora) as well. Relations with the neighboring Muchistan have been troubled of late. In 2000, Molassia staged the first ever Micronation Olympic games in tune with the Sydney Olympics.

republic of molossia

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There’s A Tiny Nation In Northern Nevada — Kind Of from law

21 Comments on “Smallest Country Molossia”

  1. Wtf? Is this for real, I seriously question the validity of this, but I am sure the inhabitants are happy. Good luck dudes.

  2. All the facts are true expect for the title. Micronations are not countries. A quick google for smallest country turns up plenty of lists for smallest countries. The State of the Vatican City is, as far as I’ve seen, unanimously agreed upon to be the smallest country.

  3. this Kevin Baugh guy is a real think that you are that awesome that you need your own country.

  4. palesa wrote: #
    this Kevin Baugh guy is a real think that you are that awesome that you need your own country.

    I most certainly do. Don’t you think that you are awesome and should have whatever it is that you want? I hope so!

  5. I think this is the greatest thing ever! I want my own micro-nation, but unfortunately I do not own a house or any land. I would have to ask my landlord.

  6. Dayton, Nevada is a small town just north of the capital, Carson City. Kevin, you are a weird guy, but innovative and imaginative. I hope that your never harped on for your fun idea. Good luck with the space program.

  7. I think Donald Trump’s property in West Palm Beach is bigger that supposedly Molossia country. I believe to be classified as a country it must be recognized by the rest of the countries in the world. The rest of the world agrees that a small fly’s cacca on the map wont qualify as a country. Ehehehehe

  8. Hey everyone, actually, to be recognized as a country, you only need to:

    Have a defined territory
    Have a permanent population
    Have a government

    In the past, only two countries had to validate you; I don’t know about now.

    It is somewhat agreed upon that you must be able to interact with other states, but that’s debatable. I mean, you probably should be able to..

    That is all that’s needed to be a country. Micronations are defined as countries that are not recognized by other countries.

  9. Hi,
    This put a smile on my face, the first time I heard of Molossia on BBC! The president was being interviewed on BBC.
    How can I visit this NATION? Do U have a visa program to allow visitors into your country?

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