Small Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency in a Florida Home

Small Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency in a Florida Home

Many Florida homeowners want to have a home that doesn’t use too much energy. Things like electricity and hot water use a ton of energy, so homeowners need to make some changes to preserve those resources better. Here are some small ways to improve energy efficiency in a Florida home.

Install a Thermostat

The summer heat is more intense in Florida. Thermostats combat the high humidity and make the muggy weather more tolerable. They make homes more comfortable and lower cooling costs. With a thermostat, you’ll also feel less tempted to adjust the air conditioning. The AC’s great, but a thermostat controls a home’s overall temperatures better than paying a high bill every month this summer.

Use Smart Ventilation

With many new advancements in technology, it’s no surprise that ventilation has gotten a lot easier and simpler to use in rooms where dry air and bad smells lurk. There are many ways to combat wasted energy from fans. When you’re in a room, it’s great to have cooling fans on; however, they only cool the person, not the room.

Venting from the attic causes bad air and humidity to circulate to other rooms in the house. To fix this, install a fan system that vents outside and not through the attic. Like the vent fans for bathrooms and kitchens, it’s better to install a system that leads outside so hot air and moisture are expelled and replaced with better air.

Replace Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are two other things that help improve energy efficiency. Air can leak in through draft windows, causing temperature fluctuations. Many Floridians have sought the best door and window styles to enhance their home’s energy usage.

New windows, including hurricane impact screens, regulate the home’s temperature and protects residents from severe weather. Improved doors and windows can also improve your curb appeal!

Change Your Living Habits

Many of us vow to get better at saving energy, but few can resist the urge to take a long, hot shower after a long day or open the fridge door to cool down after coming in from outside. There are ways to use less energy, such as air-drying laundry instead of using the dryer. You can also use more energy-efficient cooking appliances like grills or slow cookers instead of the oven, stove, or microwave.

Here are other sustainable lifestyle changes you can make:

  • Take cool showers
  • Skip the blow dryer
  • Play board games
  • Read physical books
  • Trade old light bulbs for LED

There are many ways to reduce energy usage in your Florida home—this list is only the start of a new lifestyle for you and your family. Live more sustainably by cutting back on energy consumption in every room of your home.

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