Sleep paralysis

what causes sleep paralysis

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What Is Sleep Paralysis?

What Causes Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a medical phenomenon where awakening person experiences temporary inability to move or speak. It is a state between being asleep and awake, where one’s mind is awake but the body is still sleeping. It usually lasts only a couple of seconds or up to one minute, but one can get a feeling it lasts much longer (several minutes). It usually happens very rarely and almost always when sleeping on its back. Regularly, person can experience panic attack and severe paranoia during this state, as the feeling of helplessness intensifies.

what causes sleep paralysis

There is also another form of sleep paralysis, but significantly rarer sometimes even more than once per night, and if you are hit by this form of sleep paralysis you might feel trapped in your body for more than an hour!

In this phenomena if the person experiencing sleep paralysis opens its eyes, he or she might experience visual and/or audio hallucinations, usually thinking the “intruder” is in the room where intruder either can’t be seen or can be seen in a form of some demon or dead relative. This is usually accompanied with the feeling of inability to breathe, which is usually described as “the witch sitting on your chest”.

The American Academy Of Sleep Medicine published research in 2018 connecting sleep paralysis and hallucinations to student athletes.  More on this research is found here via  


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15 Comments on “Sleep paralysis”

    1. By being able to control your dreams called lucid dreams you can cause yourself to go through this more often. You can control when you wake up and if you do it while your body is frozen this will happen

    2. Get A GRIP!! People who do have wishes that they didn’t.What kind of person wants A Sleep disorder No scratch that what kind of person want ANY disorder. Smh. Oh…. And You Spelled Like wrong.

    3. Trust me when I say, no you do not want to experience this… And trust me when I say if I could hand them over to you it would be my pleasure! In fact I’ll get to work on it.

  1. it is one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. you don’t want to experience it. it just happens sometimes and I have found a way to come out of it quicker and how I do it is I start moving my fingers and toes and then I can breathe and move again.

    1. I do the same or yell at my self in the dream… Telling myself I’m dreaming and scream wake up. I have had sleep paralysis inside sleep paralysis where I woke up in my dream realizing it was a dream it still paralyzed and then actually waking up in real life it was so scary I didn’t know if I was really awake or not because I kept waking up in the dream I didn’t know if I was ever getting out

  2. Oh my gosh! I thought I was crazy, this happens to me. It is absolutely horrifying. I HATE IT, I wish it would never happen again.

  3. It is terrifying. I have had a it many times. It runs through the family. During one episode the freakiest looking creature stuck its head round the bedroom door and I couldn’t move or scream. I’ve heard people breaking in the house. If I can wiggle my fingers or toes I can get out of it, but the effort that goes into doing that seems like the hardest thing! Horrible.

  4. Please don’t have such wishes…its really dangerous… Last night I experienced this disease.. All those mentioned symptoms I experienced… Its really horrifying… I was thinking that it was really a devil…

  5. I have experienced this and it isn’t fun. I think this goes hand and hand with sleep apnea. I find that rocking my knee back and forth I can come out of this quicker too. I use a cpap machine now and don’t suffer from this anymore.

  6. Ya havent got a clue ,Its alien orbs Paralysing ya to play wid you ,They call it straight jacket,Because thats what it feels like,we are being played with on this plan=et,This earth has to grow up realtruth,We arent alone apeciel,Were piss in the wind to other races.But wont admit it I have proof of them start learning

  7. This happened to me after reading Dark Hunter series. I thought it was just stress, but one day I had a very vivid dream in which I pissed off the devil, and woke up paralized looking at 2 demons. Something was tugging on me, trying to rip me out of my body!!! All I could could think to do was say “Jesus!” And that I had to force thru my teeth, since my tongue was the only thing that could move. It worked. True freakin story

  8. I get this at least once a week but two stages the rare one being I’m frozen can’t move but can hear my surrounding. I have to start of by twitching my foot till I jump almost like out of it. The common one is I dream then with in the dream I I’m paralyzed and wierdly the place I’m sleeping will almost be the same in the dream but backwards. Mostly I’m scared of not moving and thinking what if I don’t fight it what happens. I’ve experienced some really weird stuff being pushed were I feel a hand of my back and my body feels like its floating been dragged and the worst is the heavy breathing I can hear sometimes but can’t see. Or the twig man at the door just like a all black skinny tree looking thing never moves or has a face but I call him the twiggy thing as he poppedup in my dream paralyze more than once .

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