Reasons You Need a Drill Press for Your Metalworking Shop

Reasons You Need a Drill Press for Your Metalworking Shop

One of the most challenging decisions many fabrication shop owners face is what tools to purchase for their workspace. While people may debate the usefulness of certain items, every shop needs a drill press. These versatile machines are perfect for any task requiring you to put a hole in metal. Here are four reasons you need a drill press for your metalworking shop.

Different Types of Holes

A drill press is great for many things, but its primary function is to bore holes into metal. What makes them so useful for the task is the range of different types, depths, and sizes they can create. Thanks to this tool, tedious tasks such as threading and countersinking have become simple.

Different Setups

Many tools come in various styles, enabling you to select the best option for your situation. Drill presses are no different. They come in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to pick one that will complete the job without monopolizing space. When searching for one, look through the features of each drill press to make sure it can complete everything you need it to do.

Drilling Accurate Holes

Another reason you need a drill press for your metalworking shop involves the accuracy it can provide. When using a hand drill, it isn’t easy to properly gauge when to stop drilling, but a press makes that easy. A drill press also ensures the holes are round, which can prove difficult with a hand drill.

No More Drill Bit Lockup

One of the most frustrating things that can happen during your workday is a drill bit locking up. This forces you to halt your progress until you can free the bit. With a drill press, all you need to do is clamp the workpiece to the drill press’s table. You can then drill through the metal safely.

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