Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Portable Generator

Reasons Why You Should Maintain Your Portable Generator

Congratulations, you recently bought a portable generator, and now you want to learn how to use it. While that’s good, you also need to ensure you can handle the upkeep. Although you don’t have to attend to it every day, inspecting and cleaning it is essential to help it last longer. Here are other reasons why you should maintain your portable generator.

Improved Efficiency

If you don’t have the energy to inspect the generator for rodents, bugs, or other critters, then you shouldn’t have a generator. While that might sound harsh, it’s more of a wake-up call to make you aware of what could be moving into the generator’s housing without you knowing.

If you carefully inspect and wash all its parts, you’ll maintain the generator’s appearance and avoid problems with pests and degrading components. So take time at least once a week to clean your generator and wash the parts.

Less Carbon Monoxide Generation

The worst thing that happens when generators have poor maintenance is that the internal combustion builds up carbon monoxide. When there’s an influx of carbon monoxide generation, it leaks out and creates an unsafe environment. Make sure to check the internal combustion often to reduce carbon monoxide, as it’s a reason maintenance is the number one portable generator safety tip.

More Money Saved on Fixes

Portable generators cost money to fix, depending on the problem. If you inspect yours on your own or go to a professional, you can catch issues before they worsen.

If you inspect your generator on your own, you should take check these things:

  • Air, fuel, and drain filters
  • Fuel supply
  • Noise level
  • Power and outlets

Reduced Fuel Issues

It doesn’t matter if your generator runs on electricity or gasoline; they both have fuel levels you need to check daily. You can quickly find out the fuel levels of electric and diesel generators by looking underneath the gauge. If the bar says full, you’re OK, but if it’s running low, make sure to refill the generator.

Your fuel can deteriorate, so ensure you drain and refill it twice a year. After that, it’s alright to continue checking the levels as needed. Take this as the number one thing you can do when learning about the reasons to maintain your portable generator.

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