Reasons Popcorn Is a Popular Movie Snack

Reasons Popcorn Is a Popular Movie Snack

Liquid gold. You can only find that beautiful drizzle you add to your popcorn at the movie theater. This might be one of the main reasons popcorn is a popular movie snack. Still, moviegoers didn’t always have this option. Check out the history of popcorn as an iconic movie theater treat.


When movie theaters began operating, they didn’t sell popcorn because most vendors sold it as street food at fairs. In the late 1800s, movie theaters were trying to emulate Broadway and wanted to sell fancier dishes. Once the Great Depression hit, they decided to sell cheaper items that their patrons could afford. Theaters started by allowing vendors to sell in their lobbies.

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Most theaters couldn’t produce popcorn at first; they didn’t have the necessary ventilation systems. Eventually, the ones that got rid of third-party vendors and produced their own popcorn started making more money.


America is known for its abundant fields of corn, and we’ve been popping it for centuries. Movie theaters that sold it came to rely on the snack heavily during the Great Depression because they could sell it for 10 cents a bag. It helped create an affordable entertainment experience for families. Further, there was a sugar shortage at this time, so people couldn’t enjoy cheap candy while watching a film.


There’s no denying that popcorn is delicious. Manufacturers have found all sorts of ways to flavor it. That classic movie theater butter flavor is iconic and necessary whether you’re at the movies or planning a family movie night at home. Some of the best popcorn flavors you can enjoy nowadays include:

From the price to the flavor, it’s not hard to see the reasons popcorn is a popular movie snack. When you pay so much to attend the movies in the first place, you want a snack that tastes good and costs the least. You can find deals on popcorn at the theater because it’s the cheapest food for them to produce. Enjoy popcorn your favorite way when you get it from your favorite theater.

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