Reasons Manufacturers Should Use Coatings on Watches

Reasons Manufacturers Should Use Coatings on Watches

Watches have undergone major changes in the last decade, but the use of coatings keeps them evolving and increases their longevity. Coatings enhance the quality of watches, and they’re a remarkable thing to have in the manufacturing process. Here are the reasons manufacturers should use coatings on watches.

What’s the Difference Between PVD and DLC?

The difference between PVD and DLC is the chemical used in each process. For instance, PVD sprays a vapor on metal, and a heated vacuum binds and layers the metal.

The DLC process uses carbon instead of vapor. After carbon hits the metal, it cools down. Once cooled down, the product has a diamond-like appearance. There’s no need to place the metal into a heated vacuum since the coating dries quickly.

Coated Watches Feel Comfortable

What exactly makes watches feel comfortable to wear? It’s the coating. Specialized coatings give the watch a relaxed fit and make the band around the watch easy to slip on and off. Neither coating adds extra weight or expands the size. There’s no compromise on coating watches for comfort.

Increases Sale Value

Coating not only makes the watch more comfortable but also adds value to the watch. Watchmakers like Rolex use an anti-reflective coating on their pieces, preventing chips and glares on each side of the watch.

Think about your manufacturing process; if there’s one thing that reflects the value of a watch, it’s the coating. Coatings enhance the quality of a watch, making them best sellers.

So Many Ways To Design

A design can go a long way. In production, you can create anything you’d like for the consumer, making manufacturing a great industry to use DLC coating. DLC coating creates a stronger appearance and makes watches look more appealing. You can create complex and unique patterns with DLC coating—anything from a simple graphite band to one with diamonds.

A Good Coating Creates Stronger Watches

The creation process is what defines a watch’s strength. There’s a significant difference between mass-produced watches and small designers. A creator takes time on designs by using methods like DLC coating to enhance their products.

When using DLC coatings, watches become stronger, look better, and never wear down. You can use any coating you want, but without one, your watch just won’t be high quality. You can come up with other reasons to use coatings on watches, but these are the ones manufacturers should consider.

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