Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask at an Open House

Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask at an Open House

You’re presented with the chance to ask a real estate agent and sometimes the seller anything you’d like at an open house. You may have been told never to ask questions, but how could you know what you’re getting into without inquiring? You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions at an open house.

Why Are the Sellers Moving?

This is an excellent question! You can ask for general knowledge, such as the home’s age, affordability, neighborhood, distance from major amenities, school, and work. Take into account your reasons for buying the house—is it the school system, being closer to a city and other services, or work?

Everything you gather from the seller could also be the reason you’re moving. Feel free to share your reasons with sellers as they are there to ensure the home is the right fit for your family.

Does the House Have Present Issues?

There are issues that come up while touring the home on your own. Anything from structural issues to carpets on every level of the house is worth knowing so you can weigh your options. It’s best to ask the agent these questions as they’ll know current issues.

Additionally, if you buy a home with issues, bring an inspector to check for other matters, including asbestos, radon, and mold.

Can a Home Inspector Check for Asbestos?

For the most part, a home inspector won’t check for asbestos. A real estate agent won’t check either, but you should ask if you’re concerned about asbestos. Although real estate agents don’t hold a legal requirement to inform buyers of the substance, they need to do it for other things like foam insulation and lead paint.

What Are the Best Family-Friendly Places in the Area?

Ask sellers and their listing agents what the best family-friendly places are in the area. They’ll know the hottest spots for date night and celebrations. Also, after you conclude the open house, go out of the way to check out these places and explore the neighborhood more.

Do You Have Any Questions for Me?

It’s essential to ask agents or sellers if they have questions for you. By answering and asking questions, you’ll know everything you need about what you’re thinking of spending and what offers buyers have received.

Some questions to expect when speaking with an agent:

  • Are you open to open houses?
  • Have you been looking for a while?
  • What other areas are you looking at?
  • Are you comfortable with the price?

Remember to not be afraid to ask questions when attending an open house. There are no bad questions, so make it a priority to inquire about the home, its value, and what issues the house has at the moment. All of this information helps with deciding the best home for you.

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