Pacific Rim Cobalt: New shallow drilling returns discovery of strong nickel and cobalt mineralization

interesting facts about cobalt

Interesting Facts About Cobalt reports on some further discoveries of cobalt and nickel deposits.  Not many realize how important cobalt is to the current economy and especially the future economy.  Here are some interesting facts about cobalt:

  • Congo has about 50% of the known global reserves of Cobalt
  • Cobalt is used mainly as an alloy, such as the allows for metals in gas turbine engines
  • Electroplating – the process that gives products an added protective quality
  • Cobalt plays a very important role in improving the life of batteries and overall battery efficiency.  The Electric Vehicle industry and energy storage industry relying on Lithium also needs more and more Cobalt.
  • Nutrition – cobalt is a component of Vitamin B12


Drill Results Nickel Cobalt Indonesia Recent success occurs outside historical area of focus, indicating potential for growth in size of opportunity Up to 2.65% nickel within 10 meters of surface Contains metals core to EV battery production Resource estimate planned for 2019 VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 05, 2019 (GLOBE […]



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