Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Most job seekers are interested in traditional aspects of the job, such as income, day-to-day work, and advancement opportunities. That’s not the case for everybody, though. In some careers, a couple of vital things you might need to ask about are the safety factor and what the company does to protect their workers because, in those jobs, there is a constant threat of death. Granted, the chances for such incidents aren’t astronomical by any means, but at the very least, you could get severely injured. Either way, we wanted to take the time to go over some of the most dangerous jobs in America.


There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about this one before, but that because it’s easily one of the most dangerous jobs. The death rate of being a logger is over double the rate of any other job on this list due to the falling trees and sharp objects used to cut and shred trees. One may think that no one would want to do such a job voluntarily, but it pays pretty well for a job that only needs a high school diploma. This industry constantly needs workers since the use of wood is such a large part of our society.

Delivery Drivers

Any form of being a professional driver can fall under this category. Semi-truck, food services, and even garbage truck drivers can be considered delivery drivers—it doesn’t matter what they’re hauling. If they’re on the road for the majority of their time on the job, their life is constantly in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, as long as we need products moved from one place to another, we will need delivery drivers. The only upside is that driverless cars may be able to take over a large part of this industry once they become more reliable.

Oil Refinery Workers

The process of refining oil is a volatile one. Fire and explosions are likely on these job sites. That’s why oil refinery workers are on this list of most dangerous jobs in America. The sheer number of accidents that a typical oil refinery worker could face on any given day is truly shocking.


Putting shingles on a roof is more dangerous than many people initially think. Most of the deaths here come from slips and falls since the fall will likely be from multiple stories up. The reason that these incidents are so common is that it’s harder to walk on a roof than many people realize. Even though the shingles and workers’ shoes both have good grip, that’s not always enough when it comes to a slanted roof or an unstable ladder.

Professional Fishers

If you watched Deadliest Catch, this last job won’t be too surprising to you. Even though nobody died as a direct result of the events of the show, it still has a string of deaths associated with it. Regardless of that, the show did a fantastic job of showing how dangerous it is to be a professional fisher. At any point, you could get thrown from the boat into the unforgiving sea. When you’re that far out into international waters, there’s not much that can save you from a potential disaster.

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