Mistakes To Avoid When Pouring a Concrete Foundation

Mistakes To Avoid When Pouring a Concrete Foundation

When a contractor pours a concrete foundation, there is little room for mistakes. After all, this is the material that will hold a structure, and if it’s compromised, the entire building could be too. Avoid making these errors at all costs to ensure the foundation’s integrity. Being aware of these mistakes will allow the project to begin on the right note.

Not Hiring a Contractor and Attempting a DIY

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to pour a foundation without prior experience—this construction is extremely important in the building process. Someone may believe they’re saving money by pouring the concrete themselves, but they might not have the right tools and equipment to carry out the job. Without expertise, they could decrease foundation safety by putting themselves at risk for injuries due to inexperience.

Mixing Concrete Incorrectly

Mixing the concrete is very important because the material will not dry or be set properly if done incorrectly. Contractors may use the wrong amounts of water to mix the concrete; oftentimes, it’s too much water. Do not compromise the strength of the foundation by adding too much or too little water to the mix. Understand the perfect ratio so it doesn’t end up weakening the structure.

Not Waterproofing the Concrete

Water is an important factor in a foundation as it’s used to make concrete, but once the material is set, water must be kept away. Without waterproofing, moisture can seep into the dried foundation and freeze during lower temperatures, potentially causing expansion and cracks. To avoid spending more money on repairs later, do not make the mistake of failing to waterproof the material after pouring the concrete foundation.

Not Adding Reinforcements

While concrete is a durable material, it can still crack or break under pressure. If the contractors do not reinforce the foundation with metal, rebar, plastic fiber, or glass, they could be setting up the structure for failure. Without these, the material could crumble; if this happens, the reinforcements will keep the concrete together until someone can repair the damage.

Remember the importance a foundation has for a structure. Contractors should take their time to ensure everything is done correctly, or the concrete could crack or deteriorate prematurely. Avoid making mistakes, or there could be more damage caused to the foundation.

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