Meet the Unbelievable Ferrari 296 GTB

For some time, it was obvious that Ferrari is going to release another model soon. The internet shares prototypes several times and especially the teaser video guarantees that it will be unlike any conventional car. Although the name is traditional, everything else is not. 

This supercar is a game changer in the right sense due to the addition of electrification and more improved digitization. Let’s know more about this car and see why it is such a special Ferrari release. Want to see used cars for sale in Dubai? Hop on to CarSwitch! 

Style which hints at the future

Although the 458 Italia is still residing in the hearts of many fans, the 296 GTB is outstandingly stunning as well. With a Kamm tail which embraces shiny tail lights, slim headlights which include brake ducts and a low shoulder line, the exterior is a masterpiece. 

The Ferrari 296 GTB is constructed to be timeless and will inspire the upcoming company’s vehicles too. This is because for the first time in the history of Ferrari, a central exhaust exit similar to the one in Lamborghini is displayed, which leaves the diffuser free from all holes. 

The only purpose of why Ferrari has opted for this feature is because it is training the audience for the electrified vehicles when tailpipes will be excluded. This is a new age of style which is further refined by the Assetto Fiorano package. This consists of a distinct 2-tone paint and carbon fiber design accents influenced by the legendary 250 LM. 

Top-level performance

As opposed to the almost identical SF90 Stradale, the GTB has a rear-wheel drive. 653 hp is generated by only a twin turbocharged 3 liter V6 engine. This translates to a record-breaking Ferrari engine. The 296 GTB is here to prove that Ferrari is still capable of manufacturing the best engines out there. 

This unbelievable performance is powered by electricity which is also what happens in the SF90. 164 hp and 232 pound feet of torque is produced by its Electric motor. Combined with the engine, the total output is 546 pound feet of torque and 818 horses. This powertrain is mated to an 8-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. It reaches 62 mph in only 2.9 seconds. 

And while it chases these speeds, the sound emitted is heavenly. In fact, it will temporarily make you forget about the unbeatable performance. The beautiful sound is due to the turbocharged V6 engine. But for the people who want to eliminate sound, they can solely drive on the motor which offers a driving range of 15.5 miles and 84 mph. 

It’s very fun to drive this car. The wheelbase is 2 inches smaller than the F8 Tributo which means it’s maneuverability towards turns is excellent. The limit of back tires during high speed is discovered by the latest ABS module equipped with 6 sensors. These sensors also assist with consistency and the braking system. To further boost the performance, Michelin Cup 2R tires and Multimatic dampers are included too. 

Cabin digitalization

This cabin is a superb blend of the past and present. The traditional hints are added with the complete digital atmosphere. A binnacle in front of the driver is where the digital display is located whereas the occupant can have a narrower screen which is utilized to access the infotainment system. 

Majority of buttons are built on the steering wheel. The climate control embraces the same setup which makes the cabin look classic. To guarantee that Ferrari has not forgotten the history, the middle of the interior locates the cancelletto. This is a module for switching gears and is designed in the “H” pattern. 

Price versus rivalry

The basic level 296 GTB has a price tag of $321,400. But since Ferrari loyal customers love splurging, it’s not a big deal. The Assetto Fiorano package costs $360,900. Although it’s a big price, it’s still less than $400k for a supercar which is a bit far from the power output of a Bugatti Veyron costing $1 million. 

This is why the price is worth the money

Any person who purchases this supercar will remember that this was the start of the company’s new age. This is why the 296 GTB is a classic. 

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