Light, Heat and God

Darkness is nothing but a absence of light. You can measure intensity of the light to infinity but can you do the same for darkness? Cold is nothing but absence of heat. Heat can be measured to infinity but cold maintains a steady value at a certain degree. Absolute zero (-460 F) is the total absence of heat; and all matter becomes inert and incapable of reaction at that temperature. It was proclaimed that Albert Einstein said: “Evil does not exist, or at least it does not exist unto itself. Evil is simply the absence of God. It is just like darkness and cold, a word that man has created to describe the absence of God. God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart. It’s like the cold that comes when there is no heat, or the darkness that comes when there is no light.” There is no proof that Einstein said this and there is no proof that he didn’t. However, based on constructive thinking there is no reason to suppose that Einstein was part of this “fictive” story.


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  1. I would agree with you, that is the way many people see the world.

    But as Einstein said: God did not create evil. Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart.

    We created Evil, by doing a small negative deed every so often, we started to forgot God, as years pased on these deeds got bigger and bigger, until God forgot us.

    We mean nothing to God, the more love we show and give the more we will receive in return.

    The most beautiful gift you can receive from God, is knowledge (that He exist) and fear Him only.

  2. I cant seem to find this video that you speak of jennifer? I’ve youtubed this guys name.. Anyway, even if there was “proof” of gods existance then why havent i heard of it before now? wouldnt it have been blasted on every airwave all over the world by now?

  3. ok.
    i believe in god.
    but there is no proof that he does actually exist.
    no one will ever know until they die.
    thats a true fact.

  4. You can prove there is a God! You cant prove God doesnt exist, because in order to do that you must transcend the universe to see that. However, it is possible to prove God exists, and thats if he revealed himself. If he revealed himself it proves his existance. He already realved himself by giving people a conscience, and the bible.

  5. Too many skeptics, if you dont believe in God thats fine and thats your own problem, but there is no need to deny the existence of God to others. Albert Einstein is a much smarter man than anyone here could ever hope to be, including myself, and he believed in God because he knows science has pointed more to the existence of God and religous beliefs than it has to disprove it. Besides, if you dont believe in God or atleast some form of God in other religions, what do you have? If you dont believe in God or atleast the afterlife then you are going to die with no hope.

  6. stop worshiping god on sunday, the right day is saturday, and i will prove you why. What day did god make first? (Genises) Sunday, THen Monday, Tuesday, Wensday, Thursday, Friday, Then Saturday. SO The 7th day is Sabbath- Well lets go on… Exodus 28:8 it says to keep the sabbath day and keep it holy. These Texts All came in the New Testiment so that does not quite explain the phyics of it lets go into it further… Mark 2:27 sais that Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, Not for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even on the Sabbath. Even Jesus went to the synogogue on the Sabbath.

    THAT is why Jews also go on the Sabbath. All of these texts came from the New Testimont, For some of you think that the old testiment is old and you should not listen to it. Well That is Not true. I Come from a Seventh Day Advenist Church Were we teach that the right day is Sabbath And we are getting ready for the second coming of jesus. Jews Believe that their is no second coming of jesus. Well Speccifucly in Daniel CHapter 4 said that their is a second coming of christ. If A Jew Would of read chapter 4 he would not be a jew anymore. Look, Another way to show the Sabbath is the 7th day of the week, Mathew Chapter 28:1 After The sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the Week, Mary Magdalee And other Mary went to look at the tomb. That tells you that the Sabbath is the 7th day.

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  7. Hi everyone, for those who don’t believe in God, I wholeheartedly understand where you’re coming from because, I for one didn’t believe in God either. If you would like to talk to me about the existence of God, please email me. There is no proof that God exists, but there also isn’t proof that God doesn’t exist.

  8. There is no proof that Einstein said this. “It is PROCLAIMED that…” should be read as “It is PROCLAIMED by shameless proselytizers that…”

    Einstein had on many occasions clearly stated that he does not believe the Christian god.

    Here’s a real quote for you, complete with citation:

    The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this.
    — Albert Einstein, in a letter responding to philosopher Eric Gutkind, who had sent him a copy of his book Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt; quoted from James Randerson, “Childish Superstition: Einstein’s Letter Makes View of Religion Relatively Clear: Scientist’s Reply to Sell for up to 8,000, and Stoke Debate over His Beliefs” The Guardian, (13 May 2008)

  9. Einstein was an agnostic, but for a public face he–for practical reasons–wished to keep his lack of faith from the public. The press and the church wanted people to believe that he was a man of faith, and they succeeded.

    One must distingush the public face from the private reality. His comments on god said in public are quite different from his personal writings. One such example:
    “From the viewpoint of a Jesuit priest I am, of course, and have always been an atheist…. I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a childlike one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth. I prefer an attitude of humility corresponding to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature and of our being.”

  10. Please stop missinterpreting Einstein’s words. He, like most highly educated peoplem, did not beleive in god. Religion is outdated and slowing down human progress.

  11. dawkins it it on the nose.

    An act in arguing the proof one way or another on the existence of god is nearly an act on futility and is in and of its self merely speculation.

    We cannot know something that is not present in the realm of sense. Metaphysical ideas like god or “H”is non existence is just a guess.

  12. Dawkins is the perfect example of a scientist who lets his own subjective preferences block his acceptance of the objective facts. He accuses christians of forming their opionions based on an agenda that blocks rational reason while he commits the same crime himself. Science is the study of causes and there are two types of causes, intelligent and natural. Darwinists philisophically rule out intelligent causes before even looking at the evidence. Evolution is a “just so” story, meaning that despite the immense evidence showing how unlikely evolution is they’ve already ruled out any supernatural cause, therefore evolution must be true. Their volitional and emotional resistance towards God has made it easier for them to go against comman sense than it would be for them to adjust their world view. They’ve formed the truth to fit their desires rather than forming their desires to fit the truth. Darwinism defines science in such a way that the only possible answer is Darwinism and Dawkins takes the little bit of knowledge he does know and peices it together to form a theory that is at the core complete speculation.

    Any Evolutionist you try to point this out to uses the terms time and chance as justification for not being able to prove their theory. Time however wouldnt make life more probable but less probable. Natural Laws do not order and sort, they randomise and scatter. This is the Law of Entropy, the universe tends to disorder things. The more time the more disorder, not the other way around. The probability of the 100 or so amino acids that are required for the creation of a protein coming together in the right order by chance has been calculated to be equivalent to a blind man finding 3 marked peaces of sand in the Sahara Desert. Even as unlikely as this is, a protein isnt life. In order to have the most simple life you need 200 or so proteins. If the universe disorders things than how would it randomly order these molecules so precisely. DNA is a code made out of proteins which use the initials a,t,c, and g. The order of these letters is extremely important. Even sleight variations of a couple letters will cause problems. The simplest life consists of amazing specified complexity- equivalent to 1000 complete sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Imagine one typo out of 1000 sets of encyclopedias having an effect on the possibility of life. Thats only for the most simple life, humans have around 300,000 sets of encyclopedias worth of code.

    Second, chance is not a cause. It is a word scientists use to cover up the fact that they are ignorant of a cause. If someone flips a coin you may say the “chance” it will land on heads is 50% but chance is not what caused the coin to flip. The primary cause was the person flipping the coin. There were also secondary causes such as the rate of rotation, gravity, wind, etc. If Darwinists dont know what caused evolution they should say so, they shouldnt be allowed to use chance as a worthy excuse.

    Basically Darwinism is believed in by Faith. The less evidence you have for your belief the more faith you need to believe in it. Faith covers a gap in knowledge and it turns out Athiests have bigger gaps in knowledge because they have far less evidence for their beliefs than Christians have for theirs. Darwinism is a secular faith masquerading as science and unfortunately alot of people buy into what they hear because it fits with what they want to believe. The evidence is out there though for those who are willing to do a little research. Start with anything by Norman Geisler, he tackles alot of the tough questions. God Bless!

  13. Ok, I didnt intend to spend so much time on this page but I just reread some of the comments posted and cant help but respond.

    To Mary, you say that evil is the absence of good not necessarily the abscence of God. If you can tell a difference doesnt that mean there must be some sort of standard that is written on your heart of what is right and what is wrong. Where does that come from? What makes you cry when you see starving kids in Africa and laugh when you see an addorable baby do something cute? Afterall if theres no God then doesnt that mean that natural selection is true and starving children are just the weak ones that we need to be rid of. That was Hitlers justification for the Holocaust, to help out natural selection. Im not saying by denying theres a God you agree with starvation or murder, Im saying that because there is a God you know those things are wrong. When it comes down to it athiesm can not be consistent and say theres anything wrong with rape, murder, torturing babies, etc. because theres nothing that tells them those things are wrong other than how they feel. Feelings can not be explained by science.

    To Tiffany, you claim that there is no truth, is that true? If its not than that means your lying when you say there is no truth. If thats a lie wouldnt that obviously mean there is truth. Postmodernist ideas are certainly popular in a politically correct society but they arnt at all realistic. Truth is discovered not invented. Truth is true for everyone everywhere and it cant be changed regardless of what people believe. We can believe everything is true (or nothing is true in your case) but that doesnt make it so. You cant be a sceptic of about everything because that means that you would have to doubt scepticism; but the more you doubt scepticism the more sure you become. Truth exists and the opposite of true is false. If athiesm is true christianity is false and vice versa. Someones got to be right.

  14. Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living. I believe that the unexamined faith is not worth believing. Despite what most people think Christians are not supposed to “just have faith”, Christians are commanded to know what they believe and why they believe it. They are commanded to give answers to those who ask (1 Peter 3:15), and to demolish arguments against the christian faith (2 Cor. 10:4-5). Sense God is reasonable (Isa. 1:18) and wants us to use our reason, Christians dont get brownie points for being stupid. In fact, using reason is part of the greatest commandment which, according to Jesus, is to “Love your Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your MIND” (Matt. 22:37) While its true a heart without God may feel empty, its also true that a heart without God is probably going to want nothing to do with him. You cant follow your heart because your heart can be decieved, youve got to lead your heart. Lead it towards the truth.

  15. Jeff, I completely agree with your Chance VS Cause clause of your comment, but as to your previous paragraph, here is my question. What is the CHANCE of a supreme metaphysical being existing, creating those amazingly complicated beings you were talking about, and creating a universe like this? The CHANCES are slim to none.

  16. Why are the chances slim to none, because you say so? We do not need to rely entirely on chance when we have sufficient evidence. That was the point of my argument. Darwinist have to rely on chance because they have no proof. Besides the reality of our own existence everything we know is based on probability. Anything we believe requires some faith, but the CHANCES of it being correct increase if we base our conclusions on the evidence. For example we believe all people die, but are we absolutely certain? Have we seen all people die, we may be 99.9% certain were right but its still based on probabillity.

    That being said, there are 3 major types of world views that almost all religions fall into. These are Theistic, Pantheistic, and Atheistic views. Theists believe God created the universe, Pantheists believe God is the universe and everything in it, and Athiests believe the universe created itself. In order to prove Theism is the most probable, you would need to prove these other two world views false. Ill start with Pantheism.
    Pantheistic religions are usually of the Eastern variety such as Hinduism and Buhdism and also alot of the New Age religions that are becoming more popular. Sense Pantheists believe that God is the universe, they believe that the universe is eternal. This has been scientifically proven false for a variety of reasons.
    1) The Second Law of Thermo Dynamics states the universe is running out of energy. The first law states there is a set amount of energy in the universe. If the universe was infinite and always existed it would have run out of energy by now like a running car would run out of gas.
    2) The universe is expanding and more importantly it is expanding from a single point, like a rock dropped into a lake has ripples that spread out from a single point.
    3) Scientist have found radiation in the universe that is consistent with a massive explosion.

    Ok, so Pantheistic relgions cant be true. The universe came into existence through the Big Bang, so what? Atheistic religions agree that the Big Bang happened, however the problem arises when they try to explain what CAUSED the Big Bang. Einsteins theory of relativity states that space, time, and matter are corelative, which means you cant have one without the other two and vice versa. If there was no space, time, and matter before the big bang, than something outside of space, time, and matter must have caused it. How do you get something out of nothing? “Everything that had a beginning had a cause” is the Law of Causality, which is THE fundamental principle of science. Without the Law of Causality, science is impossible. If you dont think that a supreme, infinite, intelligent being could create the universe and the amazing life that exists than why is it more likely for you that unintelligent, random, natural processes could cause it? God has left enough evidence in this world to convince anyone willing to believe, yet he has also left some ambiguity so as not to compel the unwilling. I could argue the existence of God for hours but ultimately anything I say will only reach your mind and your resistance towards God may not be entirely mental but emotional and volitional as well. I cant do anything about your heart, but Gods been looking forward to the opprotunity of helping you if you would lt him. Despite what people want to believe the truth is hes real and he loves you. Stop fighting it.

  17. Why can’t we all just wait to see what happens when we die? I don’t know about you guys, but I have no real idea if god does or doesn’t exist, for all we know we are calling him/her/it the wrong name!!! If there is a him/her/it. Either way, stop saying things like you know for sure, because no one does and that is fact. What if God is other humans? NO ONE KNOWS! So stop being ugly when you post here, express your opinion and be respectful to others opinions; because you don’t know, maybe they are right.

  18. Crystal, im sorry if I offended you with my comments, it wasnt my intention. Your right no one knows for certain and even though I believe in my heart God exists I wont know for sure until I die (or if he doesnt exist Ill never know). However, to “just wait and see what happens” is taking a very dangerous gamble. If christianity is true than that means that there are eternal consequences in response to that decision. I HATE that about the religion. I dont want anyone to suffer and I wish that hell didnt exist, but sense I believe it does if I didnt try to help people get to God I would be acting very selfish and unloving. Ive presented alot of scientific facts about why it makes sense but what makes me believe in Christ more than anything is what hes done for me in my life. I was into drugs and alcohol and my life was crap before I gave my life to him. Everytime I tried to stop I couldnt. I was angry at the world and felt like if God did exist he was pointing down and laughing at me. Well my friend took me to church one week and it got me curious to learn more. God has given me a peace and sense of purpose Ive never experienced with anything I had ever done on my own. Maybe your right but Ill I know is my life is soo much better now. As the blind man said, “I was blind, but now I see.” My comments were only meant to try and help others to open their eyes. God Bless!

  19. Jeff,

    Seeing you talk about Atheistic beliefs tells me that you obviously have no idea what an Atheist is. Atheists do not necessarily share any common beliefs with any other Atheist at all, other than the fact neither of them have seen any reason to believe that any God or gods exist. Thats it. Two Atheists can think completely opposite of each other on every single other issue. Atheists do not have to think that evolution happens either. Granted, most of the do, but they dont have to. It is completely up to them. There is no Atheist doctrine. They share absolutely nothing with other Atheists other than a lack of belief in a God or gods.

    You talking about the beliefs of Atheists is like you talking about the beliefs of people who do not believe that all frogs on earth are controlled by Martian alligators; its just stupid. The fact that someone does not believe that frogs on earth are controlled by Martian alligators tells you absolutely nothing else about what they believe about anything.

    Why do you try to disprove evolution? The topic is obviously something you know nothing about. Its clear that you have gone to a creation website and quickly gathered some bogus arguments. The fact that you try to connect abiogenesis with evolution shows your ignorance. They have nothing to do with each other. Evolution makes ZERO attempts to explain the origin of life. It only attempts to explain how life diversified once it already existed. Scientists have no problem saying they do not know exactly how life started yet. At one time, we did not know why the seasons change, or why we get sick. Science is always expanding, gaining more knowledge. It is the opposite of religion. Religion stays rigid even in the face of overwhelming evidence (which is the reason you are on this board trying to disprove a theory that you clearly have no knowledge of).

    And if you think you are an expert in the field and have a vast supply of un-tapped knowledge on the subject, surely you could easily get your studies published in scientific journals and win a Nobel Prize. Why dont you do that?

    AND EVEN IF YOU DID it would have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not your god exists. If evolution does not happen the way we think it does, so what? You would not be hurting the feelings of any Atheists that I know. Its not something that they cling to. They typically just accept that it happens because that is the current understanding of biology; the same reason most people accept contemporary scientific theories. The same way you accept them, unless they conflict with your bronze-age holy book of course. If somehow evolution would be proven wrong, who cares? We would be glad to find a better explanation.

    Also, your earlier posts, where you were trying so desperately to somehow prove the existence of your god, did nothing to prove it at all. Even if your arguments would have been sound, all you would have done is laid out a case for a first cause. It would have said NOTHING about that first cause. It did not have to be a god. Even if it was a god, it did not have to be one that is willing or even able to interfere with our lives. Even if it were willing and able to do those things, it does not mean that it loves us or wants the best for us. Even if it was willing, able, and good intentioned, it may not be around anymore or could have lost interest and started a new universe. There are infinite possibilities. So, like I said, even if your arguments were good, it would not have gone iota toward proving that your god exists.

    What is wrong with saying that we do not know yet? That is the Atheistic position. How you think youre able to disprove a stance that says Im not sure how it happened yet is beyond me. You are the one claiming certainty, not the Atheists. You are claiming not only that there was a creator, but that you know how it wants us to act, what it wants us to eat, and who it wants us to have sex with. There is no way you can know those things. You can claim to all you want, but you have no idea whether or not those things are true.

    And how about your, its dangerous to wait and see argument? Are you kidding? If not, then do you take the same approach to every other possible god? What if god is a giant porcupine and the only way to get into heaven is to round up all the porcupines you can get and cuddle with them while you sleep? Are you going to start doing that now? Just in case? What if god is a palm tree and it requires you to wear palm fronds on your head every time you use the restroom? Are you prepared to start doing that? Just in case? Nevertheless, that argument is unbelievably stupid.

  20. Pete, I owe you an apology. When I read all the comments saying Christianity doesnt make any sense and God doesnt exist I immediately went on the attack. What I wrote is only a very small percentage of the information available but these arguments wont convince anyone who has already made up their mind. Its just hard for me to see people bash something I believe in so strongly, especially when I hear many people spreading false information.

    My view on Atheism is that Athiests’ believe that God doesn’t exist. I was only trying to point out that if God doesn’t exist than everything came about through natural causes. Someone can decide not to believe in anything but we still exist, they’ve just decided not to think about how. I know alot more about evolution than you may think. Ive read several books including Richard Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene” and “The God Dillusion.” Ive collected alot of facts. However, I have no knowledge of my own. I wouldnt be able to write a scientific paper and get it published because everything I know Ive learned from other (more intelligent) people. I was only trying to present the other side of the argument and inform people of some facts they may not have been aware of. There are hundreds of books full of information on the subject. I obviously cant post everything there is to know about the topic. That being said, Im not afraid of looking into science to find the truth. I just dont want the truth to be tainted by biased sceptics.

    You claim that you would be open to finding a better explanation? Dont you mean that you would be open to finding a better explantion that doesnt require any accountability? I believe that God and his word are that better explanation, their just not an explantion your willing to accept. When you say we know nothing about the nature of God your forgetting that theres a whole book describing him in detail. There’s tons of evidence from numerous scholars proving the historical validity of the Bible but Im not going to spend the time writing out what they’ve found because you can find the information on your own if your interested. Lee Stroble’s “The Case for Christ” is a good start. You may have decided not to listen to what the Bible has to say but it does tell us how were supposed to act. You cant deny that through its words millions of lives have been transformed for the better, mine included.

    In your post you made the comment, “What is wrong with saying that we do not know yet? That is the Atheistic position. How you think youre able to disprove a stance that says Im not sure how it happened yet is beyond me. You are the one claiming certainty, not the Atheists.” Im afraid your mistaken here. Someone who doesnt know where we came from is called an Agnostic, that sounds like what you’re refering to. An Athiest is certain there is no God, just like a good Christian should be certain there is one. The problem with being an Agnostic is that you’re not on either side of the fence. You claim that you’re nuetral but isnt the purpose of being open minded so that we can recognize the truth when we see it? Claiming there is no evidence and no truth is just denying the facts. Its deliberately choosing to be empty minded. An Agnostic is also certain of their belief, they’re just certain that its impossible to know anything for certain (ironic isnt it haha). Your absolutely right, believing God is a palm tree and it requires you to wear palm fronds on your head every time you use the restroom would be unbelievably stupid haha. But I dont believe in that not only because theres absolutely no proof for that but it contradicts what the Bible teaches. If the Bible is true than anything contradicting the Bible is false. Ive decided where I stand on the issue.

    I want everyone to experience the joy that a life in Christ brings and hope for your sake that Im wrong about the reality of hell but I believe youve already decided God doesnt exist and no amount of evidence will be sufficient for you. If you do want to open your mind to the possibility of Christianity being true I would start by reading the book of John. If nothing else you’ll learn what Christians believe and have a better understanding of who we believe God is. I hope I dont come across as a jerk who is only trying to win an argument. Like I said I only have everyones best interest in mind. I wouldnt fight as hard if it weren’t such an important issue. I wish you well Pete, take care.

  21. Jeff,

    Wow. Where should I start..?
    Your estimation that I have not read the bible is incredibly far off. It is just about as misinformed as your views on evolution. Why would you assume that I had not read it? I have read the bible; many times. I have also studied both the New and Old Testaments as part of undergraduate coursework. They were separate courses. An entire course devoted specifically to the Old Testament, and an entire course devoted specifically for the New Testament. I have also read the Koran and the Hadith, along with multiple other religious texts. Have you?

    I was also raised as a church-going, Protestant Christian. As a teenager, in the church, I was an acolyte and Sunday School teacher. I was in the voice choir and the bell choir. My parents were both on the Church Council- my mother was the President. My entire family was extremely involved in the church. We were at the head of every committee. We had control of literally everything in the church, from the budget, to the daily functions, to selecting a Pastor. It was all controlled by my family, and still is. My father even resigned from a managerial position at a printing plant to become the church custodian/maintenance man when we were unable to find a replacement for one that quit. Since the elementary school that the church ran did not close until 6 oclock, every night, my Mother would take us kids down to help my Father clean the school. Being that I was in both choirs and an acolyte, I had to attend all 3 services every single Sunday. For about 10 years, I was at church every single day of the week except Saturday, and oftentimes, I ended up there Saturday somehow too.

    You should get the point by now, that I have studied the Bible extensively. I suspect Ive examined it with more veracity than you have. My knowledge of the Bible has been probed and scrutinized by a Ph.D. and has been found sufficient.

    Do not assume that because someone that is an Atheist, they have not read the Bible. Your, If you do want to open your mind to the possibility of Christianity being true I would start by reading the book of John. If nothing else you’ll learn what Christians believe and have a better understanding of who we believe God is. Sounds pretty stupid now, doesnt it? You will find that most Atheists are far more familiar with the Bible, and especially with other religious books, than Christians are.

    I have also read The Case for Christ. I actually have it on DVD. It is LAUGHABLE. Really, it is literally humorous.

    Your holy book, the Bible, has been through way more edits than Im sure youre aware of. The democratic and political fashion in which it was constructed alone is enough to render that text a dead relic of the past, only as useful as any other historical fiction. That its claims are inconsistent, self-contradictory, logically impossible and historically and scientifically inaccurate end up being just little extra reasons to discredit it- that’s how bad it is.

    To use that mangled text in an attempt to describe a God is to make a mistake.

    Also, this historical validity in the Bible that you speak of exists only in the imaginations of those who intend to peddle it. It does contain some real places and real dates, but a historically accurate text does not that make. Many works of fiction contain pieces of historically accurate information. King Kong mentions New York City, but that does not mean that a giant gorilla was actually there.

    Whether or not the Bible has changed lives for the better has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not its true. Many books have changed peoples lives for the better, including books of totally different, conflicting, religions. And even if the Bible was the only book that had ever changed anyones life, it would still not mean that its true. It is easy to understand how something like that could improve someones life. The belief that all your troubles will eventually pass and you will spend eternity in bliss can be extremely therapeutic. That feat can be, and is, achieved by many books.

    I dont want accountability for what? I do have accountability, if my actions are too harmful to those around me, my life can be made to be bad; I could even lose it. I stand the risk of losing the only thing that I have; my life. Not only that, my legacy could ruin the lives of other people in this world, including my family. That is huge accountability. It is the Christian view that has no accountability. Under that belief system, you can be a nasty, horrible person your entire life and be rewarded with eternal happiness just for accepting a lord while on your deathbed, so long as you truly mean it. Yeah, thats great accountability there…

    As for your assertion that I am an agnostic: When I said we dont know yet, I was not talking about the Christian god. I was talking about when or how the universe began. Its true though, I dont KNOW that the Christian god does not exist. Likewise, I do not KNOW that my parents are not reptiles from the 13th dimension that are here only to harvest all the grapes in the world and sell them to the inhabitants of the 26th dimension so that they can earn enough money to own all the monkeys on Pluto. I can not be CERTAIN about either of those things, but I am 99.9999999% sure that they are not the case, and that is enough for me. Could I be wrong? Sure. But I am not going to plan on it. I am going to live my life as if that story is not true. If you had really read The God Delusion you would know what I am talking about and you would have not said that. Richard Dawkins explains it very clearly on pages 50-51. Maybe you should actually read it, since you are already claiming you have.

  22. The ones who do believe in God do it by faith and that is all we basically have. You really can’t prove his existence but everyones holdd on to some sort of faith which can manifest into great things which makes us believ that something far greater than us does exist. It’s like knowing your mother is your mother. Did you see yourself coming out of her womb? But you have that special relationship and faith that that is what it is which doesn’t make you doubt. I wonder if any of you who don’t believe in anything would call out for a miracle if they found themselves in an agonizing situation.

  23. Pete, theres nothing I can say that will have any impact on you other than making you evan more upset. Ive tried to talk about the issue reasonably and not be to condescending but you have obviously taken it personally. Your first post had no indication of you having any knowledge of the Bible, so you cant blame me for not knowing your entire resume. You may be right, maybe there is no God, but by following him and doing what the Bible says Im living a much better life than I would otherwise even if I am wrong. Im not following him because Im afraid of hell, but because it makes my time on earth more meaningful and makes me a better person. Isnt that enough? I would rather face the possibility of being wrong about God and live a fulfilling life that I feel had a purpose than be an athiest who looks back at their life and is dissapointed that thats all there was. Im not saying that every athiest does this, but I believe I would. As for saying I didnt read the book I believe I covered the fact that we cant know anything for certain in an earlier post. Im just turning Dawkins’ own logic against him. Finding God was the best thing that could have happened to me. Wether or not you believe that my beliefs are based on reality or are made up doesnt concern me. I think we will just have to agree to disagree. Like I said no hard feelings. Take care

  24. Liz,

    Comparing god to your mother is highly inaccurate. A mother is tangible and you KNOW her for what she is. She is real, in your face, twist your life, fix your world, reliably there and able to be seen, smelled, tasted, and EXPERIENCED by millions of people all over the world and it is quite hard to debate if there really is a “MOM” out there. GOD on the other hand is claimed to be experienced by individuals with no REAL evidence to prove the experience or exsistence, however, this doesn’t mean there is no GOD. But there are people in the world who have not been graced with an experience and choose to disbelieve or like myself, choose to wait and see what happens.

    I whole heartedly agree with you about faith being all believers have. That is how GOD does exsists for the time being, on faith alone. Faith creates jihads and such, it is very powerful and enticing. The good thing about GOD is that it is positive for the most part and when faith is truly for the good of others it is a wonderful thing and does create the life that Jeff describes for himself. But for now, that’s all that is fact about GOD: Faith. But even so, every thing has a hiccup.

  25. ^^i don’t get the whole let’s wait and see what happens. don’t you realize that WHEN you find out God is real when you die, it will be too late to start believing. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

  26. It makes perfect sense when it is said “Evil is the absence of good”. And it might be plausible that Einstein said that.
    I don’t understand why and where this god business has to come in. Knowing other quotes from Einstein I highly doubt he put god into that equation.
    Either way; it is far from being a fact. Makes me doubt other facts listed on this website.

  27. To quote the actual fact:

    “However, based on constructive thinking there is no reason to suppose that Einstein was part of this “fictive” story.”

    Please read everything first before making statements. We actually said that Einstein was never part of this “absence of God” theory.

  28. Evolution is the greatest happening, in my mind, when it comes to determining the existence or lack of God. However, it wouldn’t be God-like for God to force us to believe in the existence of Him. God would want us to live and believe what we believe, that is why we are what we are; a diverse group of people with different beliefs and that is okay. There is nothing saying that we have to believe what everyone else does. Atheist, fine. Jewish, fine. Christian, fine. Muslim, fine. Hindu, fine. Buddhist, fine. What I can’t stand is people trying to tell other people what they should believe. People saying, “You have to do this, otherwise, you’ll go to hell.” No. You can do many other things that will outweigh than not doing one minute thing. So, people out there, believe what you want to believe in, and remember that there is no one who has the right to stop you.

  29. GOD exists and I don’t know why the people who don’t beleive in Him are so sure he doesnt exist. I believe in God and when people make a reasonable explanation on what created the Big Bang the we will have something to argue.God bless(especially the unfaithfull)

  30. Actually to be “frank”, Einstein never actually believed in this God person i have no idea where the author of this got this information that Einstein ever did.

    I personally think that every person here that is trying defend a “higher being” then themselves that doesnt even exist is fighting is going to get NO WHERE! I mean for starters you are in the wrong part of this website i mean come on your in the sciece part of it. Infact i think someone should start a new thread stating all the ways that God or Allah(lol dont forget the muslims :P) exists.

    Wake up to the society of today. Most people have moved on from religion and have started to accept the fact that God exists.

  31. You must have faith to believe in God. You can choice to believe in God or you can choice not to believe in God and that is Free Will. He gave us this choice, but the fact is that you have been informed of Him and now must make a choice. You may have to die with your choice and once you stand before God it will be too late to renege on your decision. I know God exist because he lives in me. I feel His presents at this very moment as I share this message with you. As long as you continue to breathe, you have the option of exercising your ability to believe and have faith. Try asking God to come into your life and live within you. You will be surprised how He will bless your every day. God Bless You.

  32. I believe the text has an error. It says that heat can be measured to infinity. When ridiculously high temperatures occur atoms begin to break apart to electrons, neutrons, etc. and those break down to quarks etc. and then those parts break down and so forth until the parts can no longer be broken down. Eventually the system will get to a point where heat can no longer be added (whether there is a certain limit in pressure from the broken down parts, or everything has turned to pure energy). Therefore, to say heat can keep being added no matter the circumstances is incorrect.

  33. Hi all.. I’m a Chinese and also a Christian… Since some of you doubt bout the existence and evidence of God, I would like to share some interesting facts with you all. Well, I’ve learned and studied Chinese words since I was young and here let me 1st introduce the incredible Chinese Script. The Chinese Script is the only modern written language which has retained its ancient pictographic and ideographic form, through some 4,500 years.Most of the characters contain phonetic parts, and are composites of phonetic components and semantic radical that indicates meaning.Well, what I want to tell you here is there is great discovery of characters containing elements of Bible truths relating to ‘Early events’ of the genesis record- Creation, The Garden of Eden, The Temptation, The Fall and The Flood. Bible scholars tell us that the Bible was written over a period of some 1,500 years and was completed only about 100AD. We also recall the words of the Apostle Paul that while God ‘Who in times past suffered all nations to walk in their own ways,…
    Nevertheless he left not Himself without witness, in that He did good…(Acts14:16,17)
    Indeed, our God left not Himself without witness in the days following the Flood and the Babel fiasco, but He did good by implanting in hearts and minds of certain of Noah’s children memories of the Creation, the Garden of Eden, the Temptation and Fall, the Flood, and God’s plan for salvation.
    (extracted from The Incredible Chinese Script by S H Tow.)
    He indeed not left Himself without witness for the Chinese nation by adding them the gift of the unique Chinese scriptures that carrying essential meaning and story for remembrance. Well, another fact is one in five of mankind is Chinese, with a population of 1.3 billion.( On behalf of all the Chinese, here I would like to thank God for the gift of the Chinese scriptures that we’ve learned)
    Example of Chinese character that relates with the Creation of God is the Chinese word for ‘create’
    “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”(Gen 1:26; 2:7)The word ‘create’ in Chinese consists of some simple words or ideogram which is the word of ‘dust + mouth + life’ also = ‘ speak + move’ that = create.
    When God made Adam, He moulded him with the dust of the ground, breathe into his nostrils the breathe of life; and Adam became a living soul, a fully formed adult, able to talk and walk. This is the story of the word ‘create’.
    There is so many Chinese words that can relate to the story of ‘early events’ and the more significant ones would be the Chinese word for ‘devil’, ‘tempter’, ‘desire/covet’, ‘naked’ that tells the story of the Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve.
    Another interesting word that i want to share is the word for ‘covet/desire’.
    “And… the woman saw that tree was good for food, and… pleasant to the eyes, and… to be desired to make one wise…” (Gen 3:6)
    Chinese made no mistake: it was the woman, not the man who lusted and desired the fruit. hence the word for”covet/desire” is made out of ‘ two trees + woman’.
    coincidence? how about this? the word for ‘naked’ is made out of “body + fruit”, is the ‘fruit’ which Adam and Eve ate that made their ‘body’ naked! There is no reason to believe that the story of the Creation and the Fall in the bible is not true based on the Chinese scriptures. ( I also couldn’t find any reason how the Chinese could create the word for ‘naked’ with using the word ‘fruit’ if it isn’t based on the story of the Bible.)
    Coincidence again? (I don’t think so because there are too many words that related to the Bible story.)
    Want more? How bout the word of ‘righteousness’ that is made out of ‘lamb’ + ‘me’. Amazing, how this gospel truth came to be written into the Chinese script over two thousands before the Lamb of God won for us our righteousness at Calvary.
    Secondly, the message conveyed from Adam to Noah’s Chinese children was well received: God’s remedy for sin and prescription for righteousness was a Lamb,not any other animal. ( see Ex 12; Jn 1:29; Rev 5:12) Coincidence? Amazing isn’t it? ( I really can’t figure out why they use word ‘lamb’ for the word for ‘righteous’ as there are so many other animals to choose from but why use lamb if it isn’t for the word of God?)
    God has spoken: His revealed word is the Bible.
    “All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”( 2 Tim 3:16) And while heaven and earth shall pass away, “the word of the Lord endureth for ever”( 1 Peter 1:25)

    For those who is unbelief, It’s time to wake up, receive the truth that we are all sinner and the truth of the bible and accept Jesus as our personal savior. Global disaster is on the way. The hour is late.
    “For ye a little while, and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry”(Heb 10:37)
    “Behold, now is acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation” (2 Cor 6:2)
    What is Jesus to you? Be not as a thief whose faithless railing earned him God’s condemnation. But rather consider the other’s response of faith. Turn like him to the Man on the Cross and hear Him say: ” Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Amen.

    Those which is in Italian word are extracted from ‘The Incredible Chinese Script’ written by S H Tow.For those who interested to know more bout the words, you are most welcomed to read it.
    (In case you are wondering, all the words are based on the ancient Chinese scriptures, not the modern ones!) Well, hope to see you in Heaven!

  34. For me, I need no more the evidence of God, by feeling the presence of God in my heart and in my life is the most essential evidence that i can get from despite having the evidence of Chinese scriptures. How about you? Do you need more evidence? Just believe Him by faith and believe in all thine heart, all thine soul and all thine mind. Here, I challenge you to make a difference in your life by receiving Jesus as personal saviour. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16)

  35. In case you are wondering the ‘two trees’ for the word ‘covet/desire’ is refer to the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Over these two named trees, the Lord God placed two prohibitions: the first was before the Fall:

    “And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

    But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die” (Gen 2:16,17)

    the 2nd prohibition was imposed after the Fall and was directed against the second tree, the tree of life.

    “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

    Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken

    So He drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life” (Gen 3:22-24)

    Against the two trees the Lord pronounced a prohibition. So here comes the Chinese word “prohibition” consists of “two trees + God pronounced” = “prohibition”
    (extracted from The incredible Chinese Script by S H Tow)
    Coincident? Why believe in so many coincidences where you can just believe in one thing that everything is created by God?
    Human, animals, water, everything on earth even the language that we r using is created by Him and gifted by Him?

    I simply just don’t believe we are existed by chance.
    I hope some of you will find it interesting and believe what I’ve written here. Amen.

  36. Actually there is something called the Book of Enoch. Enoch is referred in the bible a few times as the Great Grandfather of Noah (Genesis 5:1-18). Basically, Enoch walked with God and wrote a book about it. These documents are really old yet we fail to see this as proof of a greater beings out there. Possibly Aliens in the old biblical time, which were referred to as angels just like how the Aztec’s referred to Cortes as a God.

  37. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and listening to each one’s thoughts on these matters. 🙂 I’m a christian and i’m glad that so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have stepped up and defended their faith to be able to share it with the others here. Thank GOD for your hearts and i pray that you’ll be filled with the knowledge of His will.

    To Jeff: you have done a great job, brother. You have been gentle and kind yet straight-forward: your words have been ‘seasoned with salt’ if you will and i really appreciate it. We should always be like that.

    To “faith and believe”: you’ve presented extremely interesting data that i have never heard of I’ll have to look into this more… thanks!

    PS-i’m pretty sure Einstein never said the quote in the above ‘fact’ but it does have a good point. It’s kind of like the “There’s no such thing as barbers” argument. I also think i agree with Koray; i’m beginning to find that a lot of the ‘facts’ have a subjective element to them. I don’t know about you but i came here to hear facts not ‘facts’. Anyway, edifying discussion, people. GOD bless each of you in your journey. Peace.

  38. ‘Those who believe doesn’t require any proof and those who don’t no proof is possible’.

  39. Vishwajeet Gain wrote: #
    I’m an Atheist.

    LOL your name is vishwajeet gain, i think thats hindu? anywayz if u are atheist – burn in hell

  40. wake up people you’re lives are not meaningless, you did’nt come from nothing you have a creator and there is an afterlife.

  41. The Holy Bible is such a magnificent book, and Christianity such a perfect concept, Plato nor Einstein could have made it up if they had tried..they weren’t intelligent enough…what does that tell you?

  42. personnaly i think that god is just a figment of our imagination i mean we think greek and egyptian mythology is just a load of nonsense and they think exactly the same thing about ours so i think that god and jesus are just another bunch of myths

  43. Officialy I am undecided on the topic of a “god” however I find it extremely dificult to understand how most religious people are so closed minded. They are quick to believe in a higher being, without a shed of real proof, just the accounts writen of free will by mortal men, (some stories of which are so bizzare, if a modern person were to claim the same circumstances, they would be admitted to a hospital) then translated through the ages. Yet they are extremely un-willing to believe that we could be the creation of sheer luck. My point is that over the course of 4.5B years anything could have happened, even the rarest of phenomonon. The only way I can conceive that god created all that exsists (again i stress the term “I can conceive”) is if god is the sun, and I only humour this idea for the following reason; it has been speculated that the earth was bellowed out of the sun some 4.5B years ago in the form of a hot burning mass, it then cooled and eventualy formed into what we call earth, thus creating everything in known existance at the era the bible was authored in its various components.

  44. Its a great thought.Some may think as evil is the absence of god,then why is he[GOD] not trying to be present everywhere.But this point of view is not right.Even though the sun shine so brightly,during the time of a solar eclipse,moon covers the sun,preventing the light from reaching the earth.In evil’s case god is like the sun’s rays.he tries to reach us.But if we have something which is not good maybe a quality{MOON],his presence wont reach us.

  45. So when the night outspread over Ibrahim, he saw a star; he said, This is my Lord. But when the star set [in the morning,] he said, [This cannot be my Lord because it has passed away,] I do not like the transitory [gods].

    [On the next night,] when he saw the moon rising, he said, This is my Lord. But when the moon set he said, If my Lord had not guided me, then I shall surely be of (adh-dhaliyn) the people who have gone astray.

    [In the morning,] when Ibrahim saw the sun rising, he said, This must be my Lord [because] this is greater [than the star and the moon!] But when the sun set, he said, O my people, surely I am free from what you associate [with Allah.] I have sincerely turned myself to Him who originated the heavens and the earth, and I am not one of the polytheists.

  46. He did create satan[s]. the Devil you’re thinking of is named Lucifer. who is God’s greatest creation according to the Bible. God made all things with free will. Satan[s] chose to be what they are. God did not make Hell when he made Heaven. He made Hell when Lucifer made a decision

  47. I was told that when god created humans he told Satan to worship them, but Satan refused to worship something weaker than he.

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