Lab-Grown Diamonds: 4 Intriguing Facts To Know

Lab-Grown Diamonds: 4 Intriguing Facts To Know

Lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity due to their eco-friendly nature, striking beauty, quality, and extraordinary value. Unfortunately, many people still believe these precious stones will never compare to their mined counterparts, therefore deeming lab-grown diamonds as inadequate choices in jewelry. Without further ado, here are four intriguing facts to know lab-grown diamonds that could change a skeptic’s mind.

Fact #1: The Differences Between Mined and Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Minute

The differences between mined and lab-grown diamonds are so minor and insignificant that telling them apart with the naked eye is nearly impossible. Unlike cubic zirconia, lab-grown diamonds have the same reflective properties and vibrancy as the natural option—if you were to show off a ring, no one would ever know the difference. Some jewelers even admit to not being able to tell the difference, even when using a magnifier.

Fact #2: Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Not Fake, Imitation, or Synthetic

Contrary to some beliefs, lab-grown stones are not fake, imitations, or synthetic. Cubic zirconia looks like diamond, but this gem does not have the carbon properties to make it an authentic stone. On the other hand, lab-grown diamond alternatives contain 100% crystallized carbon, making them the real deal.

Fact #3: Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Choosing a lab-grown diamond over a mined alternative reduces the significantly harmful effects of mining on the environment. Mining removes tremendous amounts of ground and utilizes a copious amount of energy to extract the precious stones from the earth.

Fact #4: The First Lab-Grown Diamond Dates Back to 1950

Scientists and gemmologists created the first version of the lab-grown diamond in 1950. Since then, the quality has continued to improve and rival natural diamonds in more ways. Other variations, such as gem-quality colorless stones, entered the market in 1971 and the mid-2010s.

There are many intriguing facts to know about lab-grown diamonds. As the debate between natural versus lab-grown diamonds continues, these precious jewels are making their mark in jewelry with their appeal and promotion of more responsible interactions with the environment, deeming them just as adequate as mined options.

Lab-grown diamonds are an increasingly popular alternative to natural diamonds in Singapore, and learning about their intriguing facts can help buyers make informed decisions. Diamonds Singapore offers a range of lab-grown diamonds that are affordable and eco-friendly.

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