Items That Are Guaranteed To Sell at a Charity Auction

Items That Are Guaranteed To Sell at a Charity Auction

No matter what type of auction you host, there’s always a crowd looking forward to the items you have to offer. Before planning the pieces, it’s essential to know what’s guaranteed to sell the most, especially at an auction supporting your charity. Here are items you’ll want to include in your selling list.

Offer Travel Packages

Who doesn’t love traveling? Near or far, onlookers will take notice of a free trip and plan their bidding accordingly. Traveling is fun for everyone. If people have an opportunity to bid on an all-expense-paid trip somewhere, many will go after it.

Sometimes, you’ll have sponsors who offer to pay for an entire trip for free publicity. Before you take any offers, find out what businesses are looking to cover for the travel packages.

Gift Baskets Are Always Popular

An experience is fun, but others might want more than just the memories of a trip. Another thing that undoubtedly tugs at the heartstrings of bidders is a gift basket. Gift baskets may range from cooking utensils to self-care products to a spa day. Everyone will have their signs waving in the air to be the highest bidder.

Add Something for the Thrill Seeker

Believe it or not, there’s likely to be one or two daredevils in the crowd at your next auction. They’re likely to be the first to bid on anything adrenaline-related. Research companies offering excursions for thrill-seekers, such as skydiving or cliff diving.

Offer Up a Clean-Out Service

If your charity offers opportunities to donate clothes, then offering a closet clean-out service to bidders can help them clear out clutter and contribute to your charity. Encourage bidders to donate their old things to charity.

Self-Care Packages Go a Long Way

Another thing that’s guaranteed to sell well at a charity auction is a self-care package. Anything from spa days to yoga and meditation books, offering packages that promote better mental health will garner attention.

Work with different boutiques and salons to get the best deals for nail services and hair styling. Find out if companies combine services to enhance the winning bidder’s experiences.

Work with your charity to find other items to sell at the auction. Any item you offer will likely sell fast, but ensure that the things you plan to give away benefit the guests. A well-thought-out auction item will sell faster than something that only offers one service.

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