Interesting Uses for Refrigerated Vehicles

Interesting Uses for Refrigerated Vehicles

The cold supply chain runs on the backs of refrigerated vehicles that transport vital products such as fresh produce and meat across the country. However, many people don’t know that these frigid trucks and vans have other surprising purposes that benefit businesses besides grocery stores. Continue reading to learn about some interesting uses for refrigerated vehicles.


Honeybees create a tremendous amount of heat that can’t escape a confined space. When left alone, the heat from both the bees and the environment can cause significant issues. That’s why professionals transport honeybees in refrigerated vehicles that keep the bees at a comfortable temperature with the correct amount of ventilation, regardless of distance or weather.


Pharmaceuticals treat patients and prevent illness. Many different medications, such as vaccines and insulin, must remain at a specific temperature to be usable. Temperature regulation is the primary reason the pharmaceutical supply chain relies on refrigerated trucks to deliver medicine to hospitals and pharmacies all over the globe.

Christmas Trees

When it’s the most wonderful time of the year and workers must deliver Christmas trees to people’s houses, they use refrigerated trucks to keep them fresh. When a tree gets cut, it begins to die, and there is only a brief window of time to keep it healthy and green. Refrigerated trucks keep the trees cool until they arrive at their destinations.

Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are magnificent creative works that you may find in areas with freezing weather or at lavish gatherings. Businesses use refrigerated trucks to carry ice sculptures for weddings, celebrations, corporate activities, and many other events.

Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemical substances are toxic, explosive, corrosive, radioactive, or otherwise dangerous, making up the bulk of chemical shipping. Sometimes, these chemicals can have disastrous results when exposed to heat and humidity. Without the right refrigerated vehicles, transporting chemicals is a challenging and risky operation.

These are just a few of the many interesting uses for refrigerated vehicles. Refrigeration allows many different goods to reach across the globe, helping to improve our lives.

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