Interesting Facts About Ferrari That You Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts About Ferrari That You Didn't Know

When Enzo Ferrari began his automobile company in 1939, he likely never imagined it would become the power horse it is today, in more ways than one. Even the most automobile-averse person recognizing the name Ferrari is a testament to the company’s fame. With a history nearly as long as the number of cars, there is so much rich information to unveil. Pop the hood and find out some of the most interesting facts about Ferrari that you didn’t know.

Ferrari Theme Park

Yes, you can actually visit a Ferrari-branded theme park next time you find yourself in Abu Dhabi. If you have a need for speed and a penchant for heights, then put this indoor theme park on your bucket list.

You can walk or zip line their magnificent roof with the iconic red color you won’t be able to miss and witness the largest Ferrari logo in the world! The best part about this theme park is that you have options: you can be a passenger and enjoy the ride or be a driver and get the experience of a lifetime.

The Last Ferrari

The F40 is hardly the last Ferrari, but it is the last one that Enzo Ferrari personally approved. That’s what makes this amazing model so beloved by car aficionados of all kinds, as they wish to see it or own it.

While you may not be able to get the real deal, you can get pretty close. That’s why the F40 is one of the all-time top collectible diecast Ferrari models. Nearly every collector seeks to add this model to their collection, as it’s an emblem of the history and design that holds a viable link to the past.

Horses for Good Luck

One of the most interesting facts about Ferrari you likely didn’t know is its iconic horse logo has a deeper meaning. You might have thought the horse solely symbolizes horsepower, but there’s more to it than that. Enzo Ferrari put black horses on his cars in hopes of bringing good luck, and they most certainly did!

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