Interesting and Unusual Sport Tournaments

Interesting and Unusual Sport Tournaments

Sports is a huge industry, with millions of viewers watching big tournaments every year. However, there are more sports than people realize, with plenty of smaller tournaments taking place every year with dedicated players and fan bases coming out. Here’s a look at some of the unusual sports tournaments you can regularly see.

Tag Tournaments

While tag might sound like a child’s game, the top competitors will change your mind as you see them duck and dive all around a giant obstacle course. Tag is a serious sport with tournaments all around the country and has a large talent pool as it continues to grow in size.

Cornhole Tournaments

People are used to cornhole tournaments around family reunions and community gatherings. However, the American Cornhole League puts together tournaments like the ACL Pro Shootout Series that draw in plenty of amazing players from around the country with serious money prizes.

Coal-Carrying Championship

Once a year, the coal-carrying world championship is held as people carry huge sacks of coal uphill for a bit less than half a mile. This competition is a popular sport in the UK, and people train to be ready for the yearly race.

Chess Boxing Tournaments

Chess boxing is a combination sport where people play chess and box each other. It’s an interesting mix of matching wit and brawn in a unique tournament where failing either can cost you the match. This sport is growing massively as popular influencers are picking up the sport and drawing more attention to the tournaments in recent years.

These are just a few of the interesting and unusual sport competitions around the world that are growing in popularity. Each one of them is extremely fun to both play and watch, which is why they continue to grow to this day. You can try joining or creating a local group yourself to join in on the fun of these amazing sports.

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