IEC 60309 Standards: What You Need To Know

IEC 60309 Standards: What You Need To Know

When it comes to industrial power requirements, it’s important that you know about IEC 60309 standards. These rules ensure safety for yourself, others, and your hardware. But what exactly are these standards, and how do they impact you? Read on to learn more about these principles.


The IEC, or International Electrotechnical Commission, is an organization that publishes international standards for electrotechnology (electrical/electronic-related technology). The IEC 60309 standards are for plugs, outlets, sockets, and couplers, but the IEC sets rules for all sorts of technology. Their principles cover everything from home appliances, batteries, the technology used by militaries, and power generators.

Founded in the UK in 1906, the IEC has memberships with 89 countries and offers affiliate programs for over 80 developing countries. But why is the IEC so important to the world? Its standards help businesses improve their consistency and performance when it comes to powering hardware and machinery.

Five Principles

Four different principles are included in the IEC 60309 (IEC 60309-3 was withdrawn in 1998):

IEC 60309-1 refers to the various function and safety requirements of plugs, socket-outlets, and couplers in industrious settings, while IEC 60309-2 refers to the dimensional interchangeability requirements for pin and contact-tube accessories.

IEC 60309-4 covers switched socket-outlets and connectors with and without interlock, and IEC 60309-5 describes requirements for plugs, sockets, outlets, and other connectors for LVSC applications (low-voltage shore connection systems).

Color Coding

The key feature of IEC 60309 standards is the color-coding of power cords. These colors indicate the functions and limitations of different power cords, specifically in industrial applications. These color codes are as follows:

  • Yellow – rated voltage 100-130V; 125V single/split-phase AC power
  • Orange – rated voltage 125V/250V; 250V single/split-phase AC power
  • Blue – rated voltage 200-250V; 250V single/split-phase AC power
  • Grey – rated voltage 277V; 277V Series II current ratings single-phase AC power
  • Red – rated voltage 380-480V; 400V 3-phase AC power
  • Black – rated voltage 500-690V; 500V for marine vessels

All of the information may seem overwhelming to the average individual, but for industrious businesses, these standards are essential for performance quality. IEC 60309 helps IT accurately compare service cords to ensure proper applications, which is key for data centers and networks. If you’re in this field, you absolutely should know about IEC 60309 standards. If not, it’s still interesting to learn how electronics are governed globally!

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