How to Make Your House the Place to Be on Game Day

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If you’re deciding to host friends and family for gameday, you’d better be ready for everything! Aside from how well your favorite team performs, the game will only be as good as the atmosphere surrounding it. How does one go about creating the best and most appropriate setting for such an occasion? Read on to find out what factors into the equation and whether or not your pals will be coming back.

Comfortable Seating

Appropriate seating for your visitors is essential, whether you’re hosting a game party in your living room, finished basement, outdoor patio, or home theater. Even if your sofa with reclining seats and ottoman will fit a few, a larger group of sports fans will require extra seats. After a while, sitting on a folding chair can become unpleasant. As an alternative, you may use floor cushions to accommodate more guests. The usage of poufs, oversized pillows, and bean bag seats is encouraged. Save the extra folding chairs in the garage as a last resort. Additionally, a wide coffee table centered in the middle of your main seating arrangement will make it simple for guests to get their hands on any snacks or drinks they’ve brought to the party. Ensure that there is a good view of the TV from all seats.

As Always, the Focus Is on the Menu

Great party food is also essential for any gathering, especially when watching a sporting event. You should prepare food and drinks well beforehand so you can direct all of your attention to the game while it’s on. If you’re planning on having more than a couple of guests, ask everyone to bring their best game day food to share. If you want them to come and go as they wish during the game, set the food in a readily accessible area like the kitchen countertop or buffet tables with some side dishes, napkins, and utensils. To prevent people from getting up too much throughout the game, you can strategically place different snacks on end tables around the room so that there is always something tasty within reach.

The Drinks

Beer and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly, but it’s always a good idea to have alternatives on hand for younger fans or those who prefer something non-alcoholic. Create a

cocktail station with your preferred mixers, think of a creative trademark drink for the day that complements the theme or your favorite team’s colors, and stock a few coolers with ice, beer, water, juice, or soda. Your options are limitless.

Set the Overall Tone

Theme parties are fun for everyone. You may get as creative as possible with so many game-themed decorations available. You can decorate your house in your team’s colors using tablecloths, plates, napkins, and even a portion of the food itself. Another fun suggestion is to use brown craft paper to cover serving tables, allowing guests to write their names, what they’re drinking, and what they’re eating directly on the table for quick identification and disposal. Make your pet the center of attention by dressing it as the team mascot. Get in touch with your inner artist by arranging your next big game day party. The suggestions above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to throwing an exciting game party for your loved ones.

Rule Out the Unexpected

Things can go wrong at any time in our lives, but the last place you want anything to happen is at your house while hosting friends and family on game day. So it’s best to expect the unexpected. For example, maintaining annual HVAC service and inspections will ensure your home is of the utmost comfort. Imagine if your heater or AC suddenly stopped working in the middle of the game. Your guests would pay the price. Technical issues may also arise. You don’t want your poor TV/internet setup to be the reason your guests miss the best play of the season. I’d personally want to ensure I’m using the best cable providers in my area in order to avoid any mishaps.


The success of a game day hinges on the setting and fare provided. Sitting guests should have easy access to table tops, end tables, and tray tables. Seating alternatives such as bean bags, poufs, and large pillows are advised for use during a game party. Beverages and Eats: Game and beer are similar to peanuts and crackers. Decorations such as napkins, plates, and even a piece of food can decorate your home in your team’s colors. Dress your pet up as the mascot for all the attention it deserves.

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