How To Extend the Life Span of Your Ball Screw

How To Extend the Life Span of Your Ball Screw

When you buy a new product, you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible without breaking. This extends to ball screws, perhaps even more so since people often use them in intricate machinery. Read on to learn how to extend the life span of your ball screw.

Keep It Clean

Ask any ball screw expert, and they’ll tell you that the most reliable way to extend your ball screw’s life span is through proper maintenance. Step one of properly maintaining your ball screw assembly is keeping it clean and free of debris. Any excess grease, oil, or debris that builds up within your ball screw will hinder its operation, causing the threads of the screw to wear down more quickly. Keeping your screw and its parts clean will help to eliminate that additional wear.

Lubricate As Needed

To function properly, ball screws need frequent lubrication. The ball bearings of a ball screw enable it to operate with less friction than your average screw, resulting in smooth and quick movement. But if you’d lubricate the assemblies, that smooth movement becomes the grating of metal against metal. This can cause rapid wear of the ball screw’s parts. To keep your assembly in good condition, lubricate it as needed with the right type of lubricant.

Mount and Use Your Ball Screw Properly

Whenever you purchase a ball screw, you should note its specifications. If you use your ball screw improperly, it’s much more likely to suffer premature breakage. Pay attention to the mounting position of your ball screw, as well as how its critical speed compares to the speed at which your machine moves. Matching the capabilities of your ball screw to the needs of your machine will help it last.

Now that you know how to extend the life span of your ball screw, you can get the most out of your ball screw assembly. In the long run, this will save you money on replacements and repairs and will help your machines run more efficiently.

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