How To Extend the Life of a Turbocharger

How To Extend the Life of a Turbocharger

Turbochargers give smaller engines a boost in power to increase their performance without lowering the gas mileage. By using exhaust gases, they spin a turbine blade to inject more power into engines and give them that extra bit of torque. But turbochargers generate more heat because they increase the power and compression in vehicles’ engines. Left unchecked, this can lead to turbocharger failure.

Learn how to extend the life of a turbocharger by reducing your engine’s heat. You can get the most out of your turbo this way.

Change Your Oil Regularly

Regularly changing your engine’s oil is essential for keeping your turbocharger—and other engine components—working as they should. A turbo can reach very high speeds, so having all the elements within well lubricated is vital. You’ll want to flush out your system routinely if you have a turbocharged vehicle because it can have a shorter oil life expectancy and can benefit from specific oil recommendations for turbocharged engines.

Flush Coolant Often

When you’re flushing the oil from your system, you’ll also want to do the same to your coolant. Why? Turbocharged cars need heat to remain at a minimum. However, dirty coolant doesn’t pull heat away from the engine as effectively as fresh fluids. By flushing your coolant often, your car will be more efficient at cooling, and your turbo won’t have to work as hard.

Clean Intake Filters

Since turbos use gases to inject extra power into your vehicle’s engine, you’ll need to keep the airflow to and from the turbocharger open. A dirty intake filter can significantly lower the performance of your car or truck and make your turbocharger work harder than it needs to. Making it a habit to inspect your filters can allow you to get more time out of your turbo.

Don’t Ignore Your Intercooler

An intercooler lowers the compressed air temperature to create denser air. The denser air gives the engine more power and prevents it from overheating. It’s wise to regularly check your car’s intercooler for any dents, bent parts, or debris.

Increase the performance of your vehicle with this information on how to extend the life of a turbocharger. You can also avoid the hassle of replacing or repairing your turbo.

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