How Much Beer Do People In Asia Drink?

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InBev SA, the owner of Budweiser among other brands, has an Asian-Pacific unit getting ready for a massive IPO (ever hear of an IEO? ). So, the question remains how much beer do Asians drink and why the big push into Asia?

Obviously Asia is an enormous market, and traditional beers like Budweiser to this point are much more strongly associated with America. Aside from that opportunity, however, there is more going on here. The facts are that in the Western world and America in particular, the younger generations are shunning beer more and more and even avoiding alcohol entirely much more so relative to prior decades and generations. InBev and Budweiser are desperate for another leg of growth for the beer franchises.

Some analysis suggests that the market for beer in Asia, led by India, is set to eclipse $200 Billion by 2020. Analysts project that growing incomes, adoption of western culture, and more purchasing power in India and among young people are driving this. put together an analysis of how millennials are leading a “sober revolution” which is forcing beverage makers, bars, and restaurants to adapt. The data does support a modest shift, and it is no wonder InBev desperatelyy wants to sell more beer in Asia.

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