Fun Things We Probably Won’t Do After the Pandemic

Fun Things We Probably Won’t Do After the Pandemic

Before the pandemic, life was pretty carefree. We would go about our days without a worry in the world. Traveling to different countries, going out to eat at our favorite restaurants, and attending concerts or sporting events were all normal activities we took for granted.

However, with the pandemic still raging on, many of us realize that we may never be able to do some of those things again. These are four fun things we probably won’t be doing after the pandemic.


One of the first things to go when the pandemic hit was bowling. Bowling alleys had to close their doors due to the risk of spreading the virus. While some alleys have reopened, many people are still too scared to go back and bowl again.

Sharing shoes, touching the same bowling balls, and being near other people make bowling risky. Unless there’s a major change in how bowling alleys operate, it’s unlikely that this activity will come back soon.


Concerts were another casualty of the pandemic. With large groups of people congregating in close quarters, it’s no wonder why concerts went down.

While people are starting to go back to concerts, some don’t want to take the risk. Even if they’re wearing masks, being in a large group of people is still scary for many. Likely, concerts will never be the same as they were before the pandemic.

Playgrounds With Ball Pits

Many parents hesitated to let their kids play in ball pits throughout the history of plastic ball pits.

So when the pandemic hit, it was a no-brainer for most parents to keep their kids away from public ball pits. Now, it’s pretty much a given that playground ball pits are a no-go.

The chances of contact with germs and bacteria are too high. With the pandemic still going on, there’s no way parents will let their kids play in ball pits anytime soon.

Sporting Events

One of the things people have missed the most during the pandemic is live sporting events. There’s nothing like being in a stadium full of people cheering on your team.

However, you can’t help but notice how many people stand smushed together in a stadium. It’s one of the main reasons sporting events were some of the first to go when the pandemic started.

Even with sporting events starting to come back, many people are still not comfortable going to them. They’d rather tailgate at home.

These are a few fun things we probably won’t do after the pandemic. It’s sad to think about all the things we’re missing out on, but hopefully, we can all find new ways to have fun and make the best of the situation.

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