Foreign Bodies In The Rectum

what does the rectum do

What Does The Rectum Do

Rectum Definition – the final section of the large intestine, concluding at the anus.

Rectum Function – temporary storage area for feces.

Bleeding From Rectum

Foreign bodies in the rectum are a common occurrence and most of the cases are treated with anesthesia before removing objects. Patients have usually made multiple attempts to remove the object themselves before consulting the professional. Common objects inserted are fruits, balls, bottles, vibrators, vegetables, and balls. However, interesting fact is that professors D. Busch and J. Starling; Madison, Wisconsin in 1986 did research and study report on strange rectal foreign bodies. Some of the unusual objects found in the anus and rectum include: magazine, beer glass, seven light bulbs, two flashlights, knife sharpener, frozen pigs tail, wire spring and tobacco pouch.

what does the rectum do


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