Everyday Materials You Should Be Recycling

Everyday Materials You Should Be Recycling

We often forget about the everyday materials that we throw in the trash instead of recycling. Many household items we use are recyclable, and you might not even realize it. Some take more searching and effort to find homes. However, recycling these items in their proper receptacles is a great way to be more sustainable. Find out which everyday materials you should be recycling.


With the new year finally here, many families will be sorting through old clothes as a part of their New Year’s cleaning. What do you do with old clothes that no longer fit? The best thing to do with old clothes is not to dispose of them but to donate them. Local shelters, churches, and even animal shelters will accept your old clothes and bedding for reuse. You can recycle clothes too. Some recycling plants process old clothing articles to turn them into new materials.


Books are a bit tricky when it comes to recycling. Not all community recycling programs will accept books with regular recyclables like paper and plastic. This is due to the adhesive glue in the binding of many of them. The best way to recycle your books is to donate them to your local library, school, or thrift store. If your books have become too worn for donation, you can check locally to see if your community has any book drop-off locations for recycling.

Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are items that many people don’t know they can recycle. But you can recycle or reuse all the components of a coffee pod. All you must do is peel away the aluminum or paper layer on top, separate the used coffee grounds for your garden or compost, clean out the pod, and toss it in with your recycling. The aluminum, paper, and plastic parts of the coffee pod are all easily recyclable. Just make sure to keep them separated to aid the plastic recycling process.

Old Electronics

When you purchase or receive a new electronic device, it’s easy to completely forget about your old model. However, you must responsibly dispose of the previous device first. Don’t throw it in with the rest of your recyclables. Instead, deliver it to your local electronics recycling center. Any city or municipality should have an electronics recycling center, though you can inquire at your local electronics store as well.


Like old electronics, you should never throw batteries away in the trash or recycling bin. Many drop-off centers that accept electronics also take batteries, so hold onto your old batteries for future recycling purposes.

Don’t miss the chance to do your part towards achieving sustainability. Find local recycling centers near you to drop off these everyday materials you should be recycling.

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