Essential Indicators that You Are a Writer

writing indicators

There are two types of people in the world – the ones who write and the ones who are writers. This list is all about the latter type of people.

Now, how many times have you found yourself asking your friends and family whether you are a writer? Have you ever dealt with serious bouts of self-doubt where you worried whether you have all that it takes to be an artist?

In the end, it all comes down to one thing – either you are a writer or someone who writes. Both – the writer – and someone who writes have different sets of goals.

Nonetheless, if you categorize yourself as a writer, you are here at the right place. To help you remove the self-doubt, you will want to continue reading so you know all essential tell-tale signs that point in the direction that you are a writer.

Firstly, writing is everything as a writer – it is the end of everything. Your stories are the product of your craft. You might be a ghostwriter or a freelancer – in which case- you will want to know more about freelancer insurance as most freelancers aren’t aware of the rights the freelancing community shares.

Nonetheless, getting back to the topic – here are the essential indicators that you are a writer – or – you are meant to be a writer.

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You Have a Loud Mind

The first tell-tale sign that you are a writer – or – meant to be a writer – starts with your mind. Do you find yourself having a loud mind that is full of oozing thoughts? There might be unasked questions, unprocessed ideas, memories from your lucid dreams, and so much more that you are eager to jot down or act on.

Sometimes, you might find yourself amidst a loud conversation where your mind might be yelling at you. Perhaps, your mind is acting all itchy on the surface – waiting to be scratched.

As a potential writer, you might keep reliving social interactions and wonder what you could have said differently and changed the outcome of the social interaction. You might as well have the eye for picking out contradictions from a podcast you randomly listened to one morning.

You get the point – your thoughts are like a constant waterfall – a place of loads of information, thoughts, ideas, and stories.

You Are Curious

Another tell-tale sign that you are a writer relates to your level of curiosity. If you are a writer, you are an avid reader as well. Now, if you assess how novels and stories are written, you know that they all integrate the essential thirst for life and an extensive assessment of what goes on inside the characters’ minds.

There is always a story behind the story in the book – imagination doesn’t come from mere words – a story doesn’t fall from the sky. Usually, the best stories people love reading and can relate to are borrowed from real life.

You get the point – as an actual writer, you will actually dig for more details while writing anything. As a writer, you are also naturally curious about the hidden details of things that people usually don’t tell out loud.

Suppose your friend tells you they are switching careers; you might be intrigued to ask them about the thought process behind this decision. You might as well wonder whether she is dissatisfied in life, so she might be looking for different ways to connect with herself and life in general.

You are highly interested in what makes people tick and what makes them make certain decisions or display certain reactions. You have the desire to understand the deeper levels of human emotions. Now, if you just feel like you are reading about yourself, then you are certainly a writer and well-designed to work in this category.

You Understand Unspoken Things

Another tell-tale sign that you are a writer is related to the fact that bad communication tends to frustrate you, as do the things that are left unspoken.

You understand the importance of good communication and also intuitively know that more words are needed to fill the void that potentially causes tension. As a writer, you might also be an avid reader, which means that you already understand the importance of tension and silence in storytelling.

The things that aren’t said by the characters are simply as interesting and important as the things that are said by the characters. In many classic stories, a lot of the important actions occur in silence, which means that not everything is depicted on the page.

You get the point – you understand the words and the silences – you also understand how to read between the lines and see for contextual meanings.

You See Multiple Perspectives

Unheard and unexpressed viewpoints are at the center of inspirational storytelling. You understand that a story can be told from different angles. You are a natural at digging and questioning life’s deeper things, which is good at seeing everything from different angles.

If you write down to tell a story, you consider the different perspectives of the involved characters who are part of the story. Your ability to see things from different perspectives is also the thing that allows you to write better and make a coherent connection between the characters and what they say.

You Are the Peacemaker

Since you are so well aware of how people react and act according to their emotions, you find yourself mediating most conflicts. If you ever find yourself at the center of – or – caught between two people who are in conflict, you can see the tense situations unfolding from different perspectives.

On the brighter side – you can also detect a brewing argument and actually change the course of things as they are happening. As a potential mediator, you know how to reframe things that have been said in anger.

Simply put – you know where the other person is coming from, and as a mediator, you know how to present other’s viewpoints in a better and calmer way.

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