Easy Ways To Improve Safety in the Workplace

Easy Ways To Improve Safety in the Workplace

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure that your work environment is safe for your staff, whether you run an office, restaurant, health-care facility, or manufacturing plant. Safety at work can include many factors, like safe air quality, effective safety protocol, and a means of reporting inappropriate behavior.

Learn these easy ways to improve safety in the workplace.

Provide Safety Training

Employees should have comprehensive training in safety protocol, which includes how to use equipment, store chemicals, report harassment, and prevent workplace injuries. Safety training should take place during onboarding and include regular refresher courses.

Inspect HVAC Systems

You should also ensure that your facility has good air quality to protect your employees’ health, improve productivity, and reduce sick days. Check that your HVAC is producing proper airflow to eliminate toxic fumes and airborne illnesses. Installing airflow measurement systems can help you determine if your duct system is working correctly.

Proper Signage

Labeling hazardous areas and chemicals is an easy and fast way to communicate a potentially harmful situation. Some elements that should have labels and signage include:

  • Wet floors
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Eyewash stations
  • Heavy machinery

Staying organized is essential in preventing workers from slipping or mishandling chemicals.

Stretch Breaks

Stretch breaks can benefit any workplace, whether it’s a sedentary environment like an office or something more active like a restaurant or warehouse. Team leads can lead staff through stretches to relieve tense muscles and improve posture. Even five minutes of stretching before or during a shift can help prevent occupational injuries.

Open Dialogue

You can also promote a company culture that values transparency and open dialogue. By encouraging your employees to speak about changes they would like to see in the workplace, you can get ahead of any safety protocols that aren’t working or need updating. Regular safety meetings can give employees a forum to speak on issues.

There are many easy ways to improve safety in the workplace. Which ones will you incorporate?

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