Different Types of Closures in Packaging

Different Types of Closures in Packaging

Many people would be surprised to realize how many different types of closures in packaging there are. Having the right closure type is the difference between sales and wasted product. It all comes down to the nature of the product and which closure will best serve it.

Continuous Thread

Of the different types of closure in packaging, continuous threads are one of the most common. They’re most often used with containers that must hold liquid. Simply screw or unscrew the closure. Continuous thread caps can come in any number of materials and designs, including special dispensing types and tamper-evident seals.

Lug Closures

A variety of continuous threads, lug closures are very simple and utilitarian. They typically come in metal and often feature a vacuum-responsive button. When a seal is created, the top of the closure will pop into a closed position, fixing the lid tightly. The most common sorts can be seen on mason jars and other containers for preserves and pickled foods.


This is the next most common variety of seal. Tamper-evident seals are essential for any containers that hold items that are meant to be ingested. Such seals help ensure that items don’t become contaminated from unnecessary handling or get accidentally damaged during shipping. If the item was handled in a compromising way, the tamper seal breaks, marking it as unusable. Plastic closures with continuous thread and tamper seals are in supermarkets around the world.

Corks and T-Tops

For a more traditional look, corks and T-tops are very interesting. Corks have been used for centuries to close bottles containing all sorts of liquids. The material comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which is naturally mold resistant. A more modern and reusable take is the T-top, which has materials including cork. The main difference between it and a cork is the easy-to-grab upper section. This feature makes it easy for bottles to be corked and uncorked by hand quickly and without a tool.

Snap-On Lids

Snap-on lids are the next most common variety besides continuous thread. Snap-on caps simply feature a flexible shape with a precise overlap. In other words, the cap snaps onto the container, creating a basic seal. Closures like these are often food-safe and are often used for wholesale ingredients. Most commonly, this type of closure is found on buckets and pails.

Special Dispensing Closures

In addition to the previously mentioned types, we carry many kinds of special closures. Typically, special closures are used to facilitate the end-user with dispensing the contained product. A few variations include flip-tops, sifters, droppers, and spouts. Depending on the nature of the product, these special closures can have tamper-seal or continuous thread features, too.

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