Different Reasons Why Jewelry Can Cost So Much

Different Reasons Why Jewelry Can Cost So Much

Whenever we think about jewelry, we might assume that the precious gemstone is the sole contributor to those amazing prices. While the stone plays a huge role in that, there are also several factors we don’t usually consider that go into it. If you want to make a more informed decision in your jewelry purchase or wish to learn more, keep reading for the reasons why jewelry can cost so much.


Throughout history, it has always been a trend to own something that no one else has. After all, we all want to feel unique. That sentiment certainly extends to our jewelry choices. If you want a rare gemstone only found in certain places in the world, you should expect high costs. For example, Tanzanite is only in a small area of Tanzania near the Merelani Hills, selling for around 600 dollars a carat. Its rare blue hue is unlike any other.


A diamond or gemstone is certainly the main event of a piece of jewelry, as it naturally grabs your eye. However, it wouldn’t look as good without a beautiful encasement. That’s where detailed craftmanship comes in, as jewelers can spend hours working on a piece to make it perfect. To do this, they will usually carve the jewelry design into wax as it helps them create a gorgeously intricate design. When purchasing quality jewelry, you must consider the hours of labor and years of training that go into making just one piece.

Real or Synthetic

Everyone knows that diamonds are the most popular gem in the world, with countless people wanting one of their own. However, due to the fact that diamonds are a non-renewable resource, the prices can be pretty astronomical, which is one of the reasons why your jewelry can cost so much. Thankfully, scientists are working to keep up with that demand by making lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are indistinguishable from a diamond found in a mine, and the best part is they are cheaper and don’t damage the environment.

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