Deeper Love Facts

What is love? David Icke said: “Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion.” However, scientists tried to explain love using our genes as the base of the medical study. Basically, they found that we are attracted to persons that are genetically immune to the diseases and weaknesses that we are weak to. However, Alchemy teaches us completely different approach. Alchemy or old sacred studies believe that our body (Personal Self) is build around four energies (or four egos) that make up our Personal Self (our body). Those four energies are: Physical Energy with its Needs, Sensational with its Desires, Emotional with its Feelings and Intellectual Energy with its Ideas. To reach Higher Self (our soul) these energies must be balanced. Since this is very hard to do, in our distorted world, we usually seek for someone (soul mate) that will help us achieve Higher Existence (same like our genes our soul mate’s energies could fill half empty energies and empty our half spilling energies). Alchemy believes that we are not born with the soul, only with the seed of spirituality, and that our purpose in this dimension is to find our souls or to find our Higher Self.

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