Dealing With Pain After Getting a Tattoo

Dealing With Pain After Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos have become a mainstream art form in recent years, gaining popularity among people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. While getting a tattoo can be an exciting experience, the aftermath can leave you with some discomfort and pain. Once you’ve found the perfect design and dedicated a spot on your body, it’s essential to understand how to care for and soothe that area to ensure your new tattoo looks and feels great. This article will guide you through the steps for dealing with pain after getting a tattoo.

Follow Your Tattoo Artist’s Instructions

After getting a tattoo, your tattoo artist will give detailed instructions on caring for your ink. Listen to them, as they have years of experience and know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Every tattoo artist will provide slightly different instructions for aftercare. But there are a few basics that everyone should follow, such as keeping the area clean and dry, using fragrance-free soap and lotion, and avoiding tight clothing over the ink.

Ice It

Keeping the area cool can help reduce pain and swelling. You can apply ice to the area for short intervals throughout the day, making sure to wrap the ice pack in a clean cloth first. Keeping the area clean and dry is essential while healing, and using an ice pack is a helpful way to reduce pain without wetting down your tattoo.

Take a Pain Reliever

You can use pain relief medication to ease the discomfort after a tattoo session. However, it’s important to speak to your doctor or pharmacist to ensure your pain reliever is safe and suitable for you. Medication in conjunction with ice packs is a great way to enhance the soothing effects of pain relief.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is good for your overall health, but it’s especially important while healing a new tattoo. Keeping yourself well hydrated helps with the healing process and will prevent your skin from drying out and causing discomfort. It’s best to avoid anything that may dehydrate you, such as caffeine or alcohol, as it can slow down the healing process.

Be Patient

How long it takes for your new tattoo to heal can vary. However, the process will require patience. The first few days will be the most uncomfortable, and the pain will subside as time passes. Avoid picking at or scratching your tattoo, as this can lead to scabbing, itching, and, in more severe cases, even infection. The goal is to care for your ink well.


Getting a tattoo can be a great experience, but taking care of it properly is essential to ensure it heals correctly. While pain can be a part of the process, the tips shared here will aid pain management and proper healing. Additionally, following your tattoo artist’s instructions and avoiding anything that may slow down the healing process is key. Be patient when dealing with pain after getting a tattoo. Soon enough, you’ll have a beautifully healed work of art to show off for years to come.

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