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conspiracy definition

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The legal definition of conspiracy exists and then there are also Conspiracy Theories.  Here is the legal definition of conspiracy:

when people work together by agreement to commit an illegal act. A conspiracy may exist when the parties use legal means to accomplish an illegal result, or to use illegal means to achieve something that in itself is lawful.

Lots of different possibilities.

To prove a conspiracy those involved must have agreed to the plan before all the actions have been taken, or it is just a series of independent illegal acts. A conspiracy can be criminal for planning and carrying out illegal activities, or give rise to a civil lawsuit for damages by someone injured by the conspiracy.

Difficult to prove literally, but that doesn’t mean there are not conspiracies all around us.

Thus, a scheme by a group of salesmen to sell used automobiles as new, could be prosecuted as a crime of fraud and conspiracy, and also allow a purchaser of an auto to sue for damages for the fraud and conspiracy.

A “Conspiracy Theory” according to Merriam-Webster is the following: a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators

That doesn’t sound “crazy” at all, yet that is the way the status quo seemingly attempts to brand it.  Are we to believe powerful forces NEVER work together to achieve some type of result they seek?  About that ocean front property in Topeka, Kansas . . . . . please sign here and it’s yours!

conspiracy definition



"I started reading books about the history of education and how this educational system was developed, and alternatives to it, and ways that people could actually learn things as opposed to just regurgitating facts that teachers told them, and that kind of led me down this path…" – Aaron Swartz from conspiracy

If you go to r/worldnews and search Israel or Iran, you can see actual agents running a narrative. It is the most obvious shilling on reddit yet they allow it while banning actual Iranians Russians and Americans that disagree or provide solid evidence against their manipulation. from conspiracy

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