Commonly Used Synthetic Clothing Fabrics

Commonly Used Synthetic Clothing Fabrics

Synthetic fibers are manufactured materials as opposed to natural fibers found in nature. They’ve become popular because they offer unique properties, such as increased durability, strength, and water resistance. These are the commonly used synthetic clothing fabrics to consider for your next clothing project.


Rayon, or viscose, comes from regenerated cellulose. It drapes well, is incredibly absorbent, and is comparable to silk. Many clothing makers appreciate this popular synthetic clothing fabric because it won’t pill or create static. Rayon makes beautiful dresses, blouses, lingerie, and ties, among other clothing items.

Always check the care label on your rayon items. The finish fabric producers apply to the material is expensive, so many rayon items are dry clean only.


Nylon is an incredibly strong, lightweight, and elastic fabric that drapes well. It dries exceptionally quickly and is simple to wash. An important thing to know about nylon is that it doesn’t wear well in hot temperatures or conditions. Typically, you’ll find nylon used for swimwear, hosiery, and underwear.


Polyester is a material that holds its shape very well, is soft, and is extremely durable. This fabric doesn’t wrinkle and is a quick-drying material. Its moisture-wicking properties make it perfect for activewear.

Polyester blends well with natural fibers like wool and cotton. Many clothing items use polyester because of its low price point.


If you’re looking for an elastic, strong, and lightweight material, spandex is it. The anti-erosion quality of spandex makes it the most useable material in clothings. Manufacturers often blend this material with natural fibers or nylon to create a versatile fabric. There’s a reason most workout leggings, shorts, and shirts utilize spandex. This material can return to its original form after a wearer stretches it. This property allows for simultaneous comfort and cling.

Spandex is also known as Lycra. Lycra has a deep, rich history in the fashion industry. There’s a reason this material has been around and loved for so long.

Use any of these commonly used synthetic fabrics for your next clothing project. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each material type to determine which will work best for your project.

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