Choosing the Right Staple Gun for Your Project

Choosing the Right Staple Gun for Your Project

There are thousands of ideas for DIY projects. Most of them require different types of tools. If you have a project that requires a staple gun, which one do you choose? That depends on your needs. We’ll talk about choosing the right staple gun for your project below.

Construction Staplers

When you consider what a staple gun is, the first thought you may have is that of a person hunched over a stapler on a roof. It certainly wouldn’t be an office stapler. However, they aren’t just used for construction purposes. Similar to nail guns, construction staplers vary in size and dimensions. Finish staplers are excellent for trim work and can be used for cabinet framing, furniture construction, and more.

Flooring Staplers

Flooring staples look like their nailing counterpart. They’re heavy-duty and designed for the installation of hardwood flooring. They can be mallet or trigger actuated. A mallet-actuated floor stapler needs a rubber mallet to drive the stapler into the ground. Carpet staplers toe the line between hammer and upholstery staplers. This is a great staple gun to choose for your next project.

Upholstery Stapler

If you’re looking to DIY or start an upholstery business, upholstery staplers are meant to adhere fabric to furniture while still leaving room for versatility. Some of them come with a long nose to fit into tight spaces. Long nose upholstery staplers are used for projects that need a high level of intricacy. Using a regular nose upholstery stapler will give you the necessary results for your project—you don’t need to go the extra mile here if you don’t need to fit it into tight spaces.

Packing Staplers

Packing staplers are designed for closing boxes and are typically used for shipping and handling purposes. They come in a ton of different models. You can find air-powered staplers and ones with a cordless battery. Manuel staplers are another popular choice. The boxes you can staple depend entirely on the stapler you use.

In short, if you are working on a project, you’ll likely find a stapler for it. There’s no shortage of help for DIYers. We hope that this guide has benefited you and wish you success in all your progress while using the right stapler for your needs.

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