Can Cold Calling Build Your B2B Network?

cold calling

Cold calling is selling to a prospective customer who had no prior interaction with your product or salesperson. It may sound tough because approaching a new person you’ve never interacted with is always tricky. In addition, you don’t have an idea of how their responses would be. Some people are too harsh, especially when approached by a strange person.

As a business person interested in making sales of their products, all those drawbacks should not scare you. As a business person, you should always think on the positive side to avoid being discouraged.

Calling a new person to inform them of your product is not easy, but as a business person, you have to find a way to initiate the conversation with the customers well-presented. It is the best way to increase awareness of your products because customers believe in first-hand information than what they hear.

Cold calling can build your B2B network because, with advanced technology, many gadgets are available for making calls. Most people can now access mobile phones where you can call and even make video calls for demonstrations. All you need to do is to prepare and organize your presentation.

Cold calling has made many businesses successful. However, it can also turn you down if you don’t prepare well. For cold calling to work best for you and help you build your B2B network, you should apply the following tips:

1. Research Your Prospect

B2B has an advantage of B2C in that you can easily research before cold calling about the company you intend to contact. You will be able to gather enough information that will help you know if your product is fit for the company or not.

B2C is a bit hard because you cannot just start researching someone from nowhere.

Carrying out thorough research about the company you intend to contact will help you know the kinds of problems they face. Remember, a product is supposed to fill the gap available in the market and solve the existing problems faced by the customers.

2. Increase Your Number of calls

Cold callers usually face rejection every day. You may decide to call a business owner, and they fail even to give you a chance to express yourself. At some points, you can also explain everything to them and fail to accept your offer in the end. An average person can quickly lose hope because of the rejections because they will feel making no progress.

A business person is someone who does not quickly lose hope but keeps trying. To combat the rejections, you need to increase your call volume. You make at least 60 calls per day to be successful, according to studies. You can also contact people or organizations that offer cold calling services to help you achieve your target.

3. Anticipate the Customer’s Needs

Before your cold calling, it is essential to research the organization you intend to contact. That will enable you to gather enough information about the company. You can, therefore, easily anticipate their needs and expectations.

You can also look to the global perspective to ensure your products and services are topmost ranks in the worldwide market. That way, you will be sure of not being turned down by other businesses due to substandard products and services.

As a salesperson, watching the local and national news that lowers sales performance is essential. That will help you avoid them in your business and become successful.

4. Keep it Brief

The aim of the cold call is not to make a full scale. Its objective is to help the prospective customer develop an interest in your products and move them further to the sales funnel. Some people are also busy and would not want to listen to too many stories.

When you make the cold call, you need to go straight to the points. Immediately after the introduction, go straight to why you made the call and what you offer. Avoid irrelevant information. That is to ensure the customer does not get bored with the conversation.


Cold calling is a good strategy for any business looking forward to increasing the market for their products. It is the best way to convince prospective customers. All you need is to follow the tips above to make it successful.

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