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This is an independent review of Blaux Portable AC by Daily Wellness Pro. This report shares important information every consumer needs to know.

Blaux Portable AC serves as the perfect solution to your needs to beat the heat this summer. In such unbearable hot weather, every individual feels so frustrated due to the excess humidity that they start searching for the best air conditioners. Most of us look for air conditioners that are easy to use, cost-effective and don’t cost hundreds of bucks at the time of paying electricity bills.

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In today’s modern technology era, there is a massive range of air conditioners, including energy savers, inverters, portable air conditioners and others. If you are looking for pocket-friendly and highly efficient air conditioners, then Blaux Portable AC is one of them. Many high authority tech websites and online consumer reviews are calling it ‘The World’s Most Powerful Portable AC’. Read this review to learn more about it’s pros, cons, pricing, and other technical details.

Blaux Portable AC Review

Yes! You have heard it right, it is not so expensive and doesn’t cost you much while paying bills because it is chargeable. The Blaux air conditioner can be placed in any room of your house as it is portable. It is easy-to-use, and you can efficiently cool the entire atmosphere of the house with this single AC.

You don’t need any technician to install this AC due to which it serves as the ideal choice. The unique design of this portable AC includes compact size, chargeable battery and spectacular filters. This personal cooler is one of the life-saving appliances these summers.

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Blaux portable air conditioner unit is wireless, and chargeable. It supports a USB cable which allows the consumers to charge it at any time and any place without any hassle of prior installation. Another outstanding feature of this air conditioner is that it offers filtered air to the users, which means you are breathing purified air without any impurities.


It features a noiseless technology that allows the consumers to get a peaceful sleep at homes. If you are buying this air conditioner for office setup, then it’s the ideal choice as it allows the users to focus on their work without any distractions. Most of the air conditioners these days produce a mechanical sound which is quite disturbing for people who love silence while sleeping or while doing work.

So, what are you waiting for? You have arrived on the appropriate page, and ultimately you won’t regret buying this portable AC. It’s effortless to use as you need to plug in, charge the air conditioner and finally, you can enjoy cool breeze for up to 8 hours without charging.

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5 Stunning Features Of Blaux Portable AC:

Have a look at the five outstanding features of Blaux air conditioner, and for sure you’ll fall in love with it:

1. Chargeable:

This portable air conditioner serves as the perfect solution if you don’t want to spend several dollars on an electricity bill. This air cooler supports the USB cable allowing you to charge at any time and any place without any prior installation.

2. LED screen:

You can choose the lights accordingly as it offers a dim light option where you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Once your battery is low, the LED screen also shows the low battery level so that you can immediately charge it and use it for around 8 hours.

3. Cost-effective:

This personal, portable air cooler makes use of water for blowing cold air on the users. It is chargeable, so you don’t need to pay much on electricity bills. Furthermore, you can save energy by customizing the setting on low fan power. The fan settings of this appliance are adjustable, which allows you to set the room temperature according to your desired needs.

4. Filter mechanism:

The Blaux Portable AC comprises a filter system which helps it to remove the germs and dust particles. It offers the consumers with purified cold air which is germ-free.

5. Noise-free air conditioner:

This personal air conditioner offers maximum comfort to the buyers with fresh air without any distractions. This air cooler does not produce any mechanical sound like other air conditioners in the market. The sound of this AC is not more than 40DB, which makes it a spectacular choice for summers.

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How Does Blaux Portable AC Work?

This portable air conditioner by Blaux works at a speed of 2.5m/s, making your surroundings pleasant within no minutes. To make it function, charge the air cooler and switch it on. Charge it on time so that you don’t need to panic about charging it frequently.

Pour the water in the given tank within this AC. Now adjust the water curtain and switch it on.

This air conditioner blows air through two holes. One of the holes clears the dirty and hot air from the room while the other one blows in fresh and cold air in the surroundings. It has a stellar filter mechanism which pulls out lousy air and throws in the fresh breeze without any impurities.

Blaux Portable AC+ is one step ahead of all other portable AC units available in the market by incorporating a rechargeable battery design. This functionality allows it to run on a battery, hence eliminating the need for it to be plugged into a power source. This makes this air conditioner unit more versatile than any other competitor.

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Technical Facts Regarding Blaux Portable AC

? Powerful supply with batteries

? USB charging cable built-in

? 3-in-1 features- serves as a humidifier, cooler and purifier

? Allows three adjustment fan speed levels

? Noiseless technology with around 40 decibels

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Pricing and Availability

This AC unit is currently available for purchase only on the official website. It is not even available on Amazon. To avoid any duplicate or fake products from being sold in the market under the same name, the company has only listed this product on their official website. That being said, there’s a massive discount of 50% on all the packages. See below for cost details:

? 1 unit for $89.99

? 2 units for $179.98

? 3 units for $202.48

? 4 units for $247.47

If you are not happy with your purchase, the company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which seems like a win-win situation for the buyers.

Blaux Portable AC Reviews Final Verdict

To sum up this review, Daily Wellness Pro feels the Blaux portable air conditioner is the perfect alternative to the traditional and expensive air conditioners in the market because of the impeccable features. It looks like an ultimate solution for the entire home or office setup as you can switch it from one place to another without a technician’s help.

The cleaning of this air conditioner is also simple, which makes it the perfect choice for a layman. So, go ahead and click on their official website and buy this economical and efficient AC without any delay.

You can enjoy the flat 50% discount on the Blaux Portable AC and enjoy cool breezes this summer without panicking about paying expensive electricity bills.

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