Best Tips for Preparing To Sell Your Home

Best Tips for Preparing To Sell Your Home

Putting your home can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. There’s a lot of anxiety that comes from waiting for buyers, fixing up your home, and closing the deal. The best advice for anyone who’s about to put their house up for sale is to focus on the things you can control and try not to worry as much about everything else. Here are some of the best tips for preparing to sell your home to set you up for success.

Clean as Much as Possible

Potential buyers can be very fussy, but there’s a lot you can do to calm them down. While people will always have a grievance or two, make sure they can’t argue the home isn’t spotless by doing a thorough cleaning of every spot in the house. You should consider giving areas like your kitchen a deep cleaning to make it look as sanitary as possible. Make sure to hit easy-to-forget places like the tops of ceiling fans or mantles. If cleaning by yourself seems overwhelming, you can always bring in a cleaning crew.

Simplify the Décor

One of the best tips for preparing to sell your home is to simplify as much as possible. You might love all your punk band posters or Elvis lamps, but they can be a big turn-off for potential buyers. Clear up each room so all that is left is a simple living space that folks can imagine spending time in. Rent a storage space to put any exotic or excessive decorations while you make the transition. Remember—you’re trying to stage your home in a way that makes it attractive to others, not yourself.

Add Some Touch Ups

Now is the perfect time to add a fresh coat of paint or a couple of tweaks to the places that need it most. Swap out any bright colors on the walls for neutral tones like beige or white and touch up little areas around doors, baseboards, and walls. You might also want to rip out any carpet if you discover you’ve got lovely wood floors underneath.

Fill Your Home With a Pleasant Fragrance

Unpleasant odors can be an instant no-no for potential buyers. If you notice any lingering smells, check for mold and mildew and wipe areas down with bleach to kill them off. Even if your home smells fine, you might consider adding a nice neutral scene like vanilla that is pleasing to the nose.

Talk with your real estate agent about any other potential changes they might recommend. Also, keep in mind that buyers might try to give you a list of changes they demand before making a sale, but this is typically just a negotiation tactic. As long as you’re preparing your home as much as possible beforehand and working in good faith, you’ll be fine.

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